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Master Accordion ( Former WP Awesome FAQ Plugin )


Master Accordion (Formerly known as ”WP Awesome FAQ Plugin”).

No need extra configurations for WP Awesome FAQ Plugin. WP Awesome FAQ Plugin allows to create unlimited FAQ Items with Title, Description. With the plugin installation’s a Custom Post Type named ”FAQ” will be created automatically. To show all FAQ’s items a shortcode [faq] needed.
Just crate a page for your FAQ section and update the page. If you want to show Category based Shortcodes Go To>>FAQ Category and you will see Shotcodes like [faq cat_id=”8″] , this is the shortcode you need to place where you want to show the FAQ.

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Features Included

  • WP Awesome FAQ Plugin includes- Title, Description.
  • No Post Description Limits.
  • Category Shortcode based FAQ (very much requested feature !!!).
  • Window Resize Auto Height.
  • FAQ Settings Options Added like – Close All, Open All and 1st Item Open.
  • Many more settings are comming!!!

Installation Video Tutorial:
Use [faq] shortcode on your post/page you want to show.

About the Author

A product by Jewel Theme WordPress Team.

Problems and Support

To get faster response You can drop a topic in our website Direct Support Forum Topic. If you have any query about WP Awesome FAQ Plugin then please check our F.A.Q.

Comments, Feedback and Request Features

Please give your valueable suggestions, comments, and feedbacks about this plugin or, any ideas about WordPress Plugin just drop a message to us. We are waiting for hearing from you!!!

This plugin is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • FAQ Posts lists
  • Front End FAQ Output
  • FAQ’s by Category
  • Category added Shortcode FAQ’s by ID
  • Editor Button FAQ
  • Popup Editor FAQ Button


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  • FAQ – Master Accordion


  • From WordPress Dashboard go to ”Plugins>> Add New>> Uploads”, select ’’ file and upload it. Or,
  • Extract the zip file, copy and paste to the ’wp-conten/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress Installation.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Create a new page named it ”FAQ”. In the Editor place this shortcode [faq]
  • To show all FAQ’s items a shortcode [faq] needed, just crate a page for your FAQ section and update the page. If you want to show Category based Shortcodes Go To>>FAQ Category and you will see Shotcodes like [faq cat_id=”8″] , this is the shortcode you need to place where you want to show the FAQ.

Installation Video Tutorial:

Vanliga frågor

Features and Supports

Does WP Awesome FAQ Plugin supports filtering Items?

Yes it does. Items are filterable multiple items in descending order.

Does WP Awesome FAQ Plugin supports shortcodes?
Yes, you need a shortcodes [jw_faq] to use WP Awesome FAQ Plugin Plugin.

** Does WP Awesome FAQ Plugin items supports paginations? **
We are working on it, In next version we will include the pagination.


23 juni 2020 1 svar
The plugin has recently changed its name. As a results, for some reason my wp installation deleted the old one, and the new Master Accordion cannot be activate for an unknown error during plugin activation. Finally, all my FAQs were lost, don’t know were to retrieve the text I’ve written.
4 augusti 2019
There are more plugins with higher quality, more features and less ad banners
3 september 2016 2 svar
Can’t find ordering of questions, so its based on the date (maybe in Pro?) Font-sizes are by default very big. May would be better if it uses the default declarations from Theme for h3- and p-tags.
3 september 2016 1 svar
I’m really happy with what this plugin does. It’s small and simple so I did not need to add many styles in my theme to tweak how it looks. I tried a few other faq plugins and they try to do too much. I noticed the premium version has some advanced features which is a nice option but I’m happy with the basic functionality. Well done!
3 september 2016
if you are looking for a very useful plugins, thats helps the user to understand your website better, give this plugin a try. katasun
3 september 2016 3 svar
The plugin has a Re-Order feature that does not work for me. To have the only order options ASC or DESC by post ID is short sighted. What if I want to add another FAQ in the future but want to place it in a particular place in the order. I would not recommend this plugin since it has a feature that doesn’t work and little documentation or options.
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Bidragsgivare och utvecklare

”Master Accordion ( Former WP Awesome FAQ Plugin )” är programvara med öppen källkod. Följande personer har bidragit till detta tillägg.

Bidragande personer



  • Fixed: < class="panel-title"> accordion title problem fixed


  • Removed: Paypal Donation link removed
  • Added: Elementor support
  • Added: Classic Editor Support given
  • Added: Gutenberg Support given
  • Added: Re-designed Shortcode Generator – Classic Editor
  • Added: Gutenberg Block ( Master FAQ Accordion)
  • Added: Custom Elementor blocks(Master Accordion Addon)
  • Added: Supports Nested FAQ
  • Added: Drag & Drop Sorting FAQ Items
  • Updated: Translation ready
  • Added: Heading Tags Selection
  • Added: FAQ by Category
  • Added: FAQ by Tags
  • Added: Accordion/Toogle Type
  • Added: Single FAQ Template
  • Added: Open/Close Icon Settings
  • Added: Individual Open/Close Icon Settings
  • Added: Icon Alignment(Left/Right) Settings
  • Added: Collapse/Open Style(1st Open, Close All, Open All) Settings
  • Added: Title Heading Selection Settings
  • Added: Title Color Settings
  • Added: Individual Title Color Settings
  • Added: Title Background Settings
  • Added: Individual Title Background Settings
  • Added: Content Background Settings
  • Added: Individual Content Background Settings


  • Elementor Support and Master Addons for Elementor Support given


  • Fixed ”Array to Sting Conversion” error.
  • Improved FAQ’s Usability


  • FAQ Design Changed
  • Editor FAQ Button Added
  • Category FAQ’s on Editor by ID added
  • CSS bugs fixed


  • Donate URL Changed


  • Category Shortcode On same page displaying as simple text problem fixed.


  • Fixed CSS Issue with different Themes.


  • Ordering problem and ”No FAQ” problem fixed.


  • Content Auto Paragraph problem fixed
  • Added specific Category Shortcode
  • Shortcode is more powerful then before
  • Added ”Category Shotcode” Manage column in FAQ Category


  • Shortcode content alignment fixed.


  • Changed [jw_faq] shortode to [faq] Shortcode
  • Insert contents above the shortcode problem fixed


  • Updated with admin notices.
  • CSS bugs fixed.


  • Post Limit 5 to unlimited.


  • Important issues update – crash jQuery websites.
  • Video added for installation


  • FAQ Category Filter Option added.
  • Window size auto height resolved.


  • Resolved auto collapse FAQ.


  • Första version