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WordPress Books Gallery is the Best Books Showcase & Library Plugin for WordPress which will build a beautiful mobile-friendly Books Store, Books Gallery or a Digital Library in a few minutes.

Here are 3 Simple reasons why you should start using WordPress Books Gallery Plugin on your website:

✅ Online Digital Library

With this WordPress Digital Library Plugin you can create your own online book store to display your books. Visitors can download books for free or buy them from a third party site.

✅ Easy Affiliate Marketing

Earn a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s books. Build, manage, and scale the online business you want.

✅ Sell Books Directly

You are an author or publisher and you have books to sell. Sell it directly from your site. Easy and Quick setup with WooCommerce.

How It Works!

When you click on a book, it will open with a detail page, where you will find Book Cover, Author, Published On, Publisher, ISBN, Total Pages, Country, Language, Book Dimensions, File Size, Description etc.
Use the shortcode: [wp_books_gallery] to display your books in your web page.

WordPress Books Gallery Plugin is a simple, effective and powerful plugin to Self Publish your desired Books.

Live Demo

Read more about WordPress Books Gallery.

🌟 Tillägg-funktioner:

  • Lätt att installera
  • Fullt integrerad i WordPress
  • Visa böcker i katalog/utställningsstil
  • Massor av anpassningsalternativ
  • Fullt responsivt tillägg
  • Sök med olika alternativ
  • Aktiv/inaktiv bok
  • Number Of Books To Be Shown ( Using Shortcode & Paid )
  • Visa böcker efter kategori (Använd en kortkod)
  • Pagination ( Using Shortcode and Paid )
  • Sök efter ISBN
  • Sök efter språk
  • Sök efter publiceringsår
  • Display total number of books
  • Can be used as an Amazon Affiliate Plugin
  • Can be integrated to WooCommerce and sell Books
  • Book Reviews & Ratings
  • Font Awesome Free 6.1.1 integrated

✅ Options In Gallery Settings

  • Antal galleri-kolumner som visas 2,3 eller 4
  • Antal av gallerikolumner som visas i mobil 1 eller 2
  • Sortera efter namn, författare, datum etc.
  • Öppna bokinformation på samma flik eller i en ny flik
  • Boktitel antal ord
  • Visa/dölj kategori
  • Kategori etiketttext
  • Visa/dölj författare
  • Författare etikettext
  • Visa/dölj beskrivning
  • Beskrivning antal ord
  • Show/Hide BuyNow/Download Button
  • BuyNow/Download Button Text
  • Books display order ASC/DESC
  • Enable/Disable books details page
  • Books cover width full/default
  • BuyNow/Download Button Text/Background Color Option

✅ Options In Search Panel

  • Visa/dölj sökpanelen
  • Visa/dölj sökning efter boknamn
  • Visa/dölj sökning efter kategori
  • Visa/dölj sökning efter författare
  • Visa/dölj sökning efter utgivare
  • Search Books Button Text
  • Search Books Button BG Color
  • Search Books Button Font Color
  • Search Books Button Border Color
  • Category Order ASC/DESC in Search Panel
  • Author Order ASC/DESC in Search Panel
  • Publisher Order ASC/DESC in Search Panel
  • Show/Hide Year Search Option
  • ASC/DESC Year Order in Search Panel
  • Show/Hide ISBN Seacrh Option
  • Set Default Option for Search Dropdown Items

✅ Options In Books Details Settings

  • Visa författare och författaretiketttext
  • Visa kategori och kategorietikettext
  • Visa utgivare och utgivaretikettext
  • Visa publiceringsdatum och etikettext för publiceringsdatum
  • Visa ISBN- och ISBN-etikettext
  • Visa sidor och sidor-etikettext
  • Visa land och land-etikettext
  • Visa språk och språk-etikettext
  • Visa dimension och dimension-etikettext
  • Visa filstorlek och filstorleks-etikettext
  • Visa knappen Köp nu / Ladda ner
  • Visa beskrivning och beskrivnings-etikettext
  • Publicerad datumformat: Helt / År
  • Showing the book’s tags in details page

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store:

How to Sell eBook With WooCommerce:

➡️ Användning av kortkod:⬅️
Visa bokgalleri


Visar böcker från en kategori

 [wp_books_gallery category="Noble"] 

🌟 Pro Features – Basic

  • Unlimited Books
  • Enable Paginaton
  • Book Cost Type: Free / Premium
  • Visa bokpris: ordinarie och rabatterat
  • 115 valutor tillgängliga
  • Visa pris på gallerisidan
  • Two Separate Book Links: Free Download and Buy From
  • Visa-dölj totalt antal böcker via kortkod
  • Show-Hide Seacrh Panel via Shortcode
  • Display Books of an Author via Shortcode
  • Book Format like Hard Cover, Audio Book, Kindle Edition, Paperback etc.
  • Book Series
  • Display Books by Language with Shortcode
  • Order By – Title, Date, Author etc. with Shortcode

🌟 Pro Features – Professional

  • Display Featured Books With Slider/Grid View
  • Display Latest Books With Slider/Grid View
  • Display Categorized Books With Slider/Grid View
  • Search Panel Item Drag & Drop Sorting
  • External Book Cover Image Url
  • Display Rating in Gallery Page
  • Display Rating in Single Page
  • Show-Hide Rating Option in Gallery Settings Page
  • Reading Age Info in Book Details Page
  • Grade Level Info in Book Details Page
  • ISBN-13 Option Available
  • Item Weight Option Available
  • Multiple Author Option Available
  • Co-Publisher Option Available
  • Co-Publisher Show-Hide Option Available
  • Allow Only Logged-in Users to Download Books
  • Import Books with CSV Format – Addon Available
  • Import Books from Open Library
  • Display Subtitle in Details Page
  • Display ASIN in Book Details
  • Display Edition in Book Details
  • Display Illustrator in Book Details
  • Front end sorting feature
  • Display Book details in popup modal
  • Option for Affiliate Code tag in url
  • Option to align button at bottom
  • Related books slide in single page
  • Author books slide in single page
  • Latest Books Slider Widget
  • Gallery Pagination Styling
  • Multiple Sale Sources (New)

Upgrade to Pro!

📋 Translation Ready:

  • POT file included (/languages/)
  • Bengoli
  • Persiska (Iran)
  • Spanska (Spanien)
  • Spanska (Ecuador)
  • Spanska (Venezuela)
  • Spanska (Mexico)
  • Svenska (Sverige)
  • Romanian
  • French (France)
  • Arabic
  • German

👍 Tack för översättning:

  • Morovat Guivi – Farsi (Iran)

👍 Feedback/Rating:
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  • Showing Books Gallery Grid View
  • Showing Books Gallery List View
  • Books Gallery Single Page View
  • Books Gallery Featured Books View (Pro)
  • Main Gallery Content Settings Page
  • Main Gallery Styling Settings Page
  • Gallery Search Panel Settings Page
  • Gallery Single Page Settings Page


Installera WordPress Books Gallery som ett vanligt WordPress-tillägg. Här är olika sätt att installera tillägg:

Installera genom sök tillägg:

  1. Gå till Adminpanel, Tillägg > Lägg till nytt
  2. Sök WordPress Books Gallery
  3. Klicka för att installera
  4. Aktivera tillägget
  5. Ställ in önskade inställningar i WGB bokmenyn

Installera genom att ladda upp tillägg:

  1. Ladda ner den senaste versionen av WordPress Books Gallery (.zip-fil)
  2. Gå till Adminpanel, Tillägg > Lägg till nytt
  3. Välj ”Ladda upp tillägg”
  4. Klicka på ”Välj fil”
  5. Välj nedladdad wp-books-gallery.zip och klicka på knappen ”Installera nu”
  6. Aktivera tillägget

Vanliga frågor

How Can I Display Books?

After activating the plugin, you will see “WGB Books” in WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Go to “Add New Book” and add your Books as many as you want.

Now you need to insert the shortcode [wp_books_gallery] at any page through TinyMCE editor.

I have applied the shortocode but front page is not like as your demo!

Please dont use only ”books” as your page url slug. Try to use something else or add extra word like ”our-books”.

Only 10 books are showing, although there are much more books. How Can I increase them?

You need to upgrade to the Pro vesion to display molre than 10 books with pagination. If you’re interested to get the Pro, Please go to Upgrade to Pro! Page.

How To Display Pagination In Books Gallery?

You need to upgrade to the Pro vesion to display molre than 10 books with pagination. If you’re interested to get the Pro, Please go to Upgrade to Pro! Page.

Book details page showing 404!

Gå till Inställningar -> Permalänkar. Spara ändringar och uppdatera sidan.

Is the Plugin fully responsive?

Yes, this plugin is fully responsive. You can control to show the number of books columns on different devices (Desktop, mobile etc.).

Do I need coding skills to showcase Books?

Not at all! This plugin is very easy to use. No more pain writing any shortcode attributes to display Books on your website. With just a few clicks, you can amazingly showcase your Books using the Shortcode [wp_books_gallery].

Will it automatically use my existing Books when Upgrade to Pro?

Yes. If you already have Books in the free version, you will automatically get the Books to use in the Pro version.

Should I purchase the Pro version?

Pro version includes tons of amazing and useful features. If you’re interested to get the Pro, Please go to Upgrade to Pro! Page.

Can I have a Free Trial of that Pro version?

Yes you can! Please go to Upgrade to Pro! Page.

Is it translation ready?

Yes, this plugin is fully Translation ready, supporting .pot language files! You can easily translate into your language with loco translator.


23 januari 2023
This is brilliant plugin. It does exactly what it claims and I would highly recommend it. What is even better is the tech support which I think is the best I have had. The prompt and helpful response sorted an issue that wasn’t even a fault with the plugin! Really, really helpful.
6 januari 2023
Even though I use the free version, the author implemented a functionality I suggested, in a week!
25 december 2022
This is an amazing plugin to easily create a book gallery - functions very well and the team's support is extremely fast and personal. highly recommended. Great opportunity for affiliate marketers.
9 december 2022
There's a lot of great functionality in this even in the free version. But best of all so far has been the support. I was having trouble with the display of the books details page so contacted support. Got a quick answer with an easy fix that got it looking like I wanted. I definitely recommend trying this one out!
30 november 2022
I use the plugin for listing something else than books, and it woorks fine. I got super quick support in the chat about how to change words in the languages file!
2 november 2022 3 svar
Limiting 20 books in a category is useless. Forcing to make you buy the plugin. And when you click on categories it will take you to your post categories. If you delete any of them, you will delete the category of your post which can't be undone.
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  • Gallery list view template added
  • Gallery template selection option added
  • Gallery container black bg color issue fixed
  • Pagination anchor styling issue fixed
  • Default cover image url option added


  • Images different sizes option added
  • Formates changed to Formats
  • Books Gallery Sidebar Introduced
  • Css fixed

* Freemius sdk updated
* Donation admin link removed


  • Bug fixad
  • Css fixed


  • Books per page option open
  • Changed selectize assets from CDN to local
  • Slick script minified
  • Gallery button bg color, font color option added
  • Gallery main container padding, border radius option added
  • Gallery container background color


  • Freemius version updated


  • Security fix
  • Details tag space fixed


  • Gallery mobile, tablet width issue fixed
  • All books admin table width issue fixed


  • Sidebar display issue fixed
  • Without sidebar width issue fixed
  • Refresh button styling improved
  • Font Awesome Free 6.1.1 integrated
  • Gallery container border color option added
  • Gallery container width option added
  • Gallery container margin top/bottom option added
  • Css fixed


  • Allow post author in admin add/edit books panel
  • Books archive page turned into gallery page
  • Support for post author


  • Book detail page SEO improved
  • Book detail page code reorganized
  • Book detail page title line height fixed
  • Gallery page column updated to 5
  • Adminajax url issue fixed
  • Display cover in admin all books list


  • JS issue fixed
  • CSS issue fixed


  • Selectize sorting and conflicting issue fixed
  • Search button hover bg and font color option added


  • Action before/after added in front single page
  • Search reset button background, border, font color option added


  • Searchable dropdown for search panel added


  • Spelling issue fixed


  • Security fix


  • Minor issue fixed


  • United Arab Emirates currency added


  • General Setings Page Added
  • Gallery Page Url Slug Option added
  • Gallery Page Slug Applied to Back Button
  • Search Filter on Author and Category Link in Details Page


  • Admin Tab Styling Overlap Issue Fixed
  • Admin Sidebar Link Updated
  • Icon Added to Details Page Book Info


  • Minor bug fixing
  • Code optimized
  • Search button border issue fixed
  • Css fixed


  • Search Panel Button Styling Issue fixed
  • Code Reorganized
  • Font-awesome integrated
  • Search Refresh Icon Changed


  • Minor fixing
  • Max width applied to details page
  • Notice error fixed in details page


  • Usage & Tutorial Page Added
  • Download button Url open in new tab
  • Minor fixing


  • Show all books fixed
  • Code optimized/organized
  • CSS improved
  • Freenius integrated


  • Bug/Notice error fixed for front image
  • Bug/Notice error fixed for single image
  • Show-Hide sidebar in single page
  • Code optimized


  • Book category hyerarchy added in search panel
  • Single book sidebar responsive issue fixed
  • Book cover image size changed – loop and single
  • 5 Translation file included – Spain, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and Sweden
  • Book item border color option added
  • Book item background color option added
  • Book image hover effect added – Rotation 360
  • CSS issue fixed


  • Sidebar added to single book template
  • Empty link removed if not available from book cover
  • Search icon issue fixed
  • Removed pages word from single page
  • Back button issue fixed
  • Gallary column number added – 1
  • Max Title Word Length set to 50
  • Max Description Word Length set to 100


  • Search issue solved in home page
  • Search form reset button added
  • CSS issue fixed
  • Notice error fixed


  • Hide search via shortcode (search=false)
  • Show/Hide total books option added
  • Book title color option added
  • Book title hover color option added
  • Book title font-size option added
  • Book description color option added
  • Book description font-size option added
  • Styling updated
  • Bug fixed in filter list in admin panel for books and posts


  • Book status field changed dropdown to radio button
  • Applied readonly to published on field to avoid date issue
  • Change Month/Year option in datepicker for published on field
  • NULL value skipped from Year dropdown in search panel
  • Dot appearance between pagination fixed
  • Total books count showing on top
  • Download button background color option added
  • Download button font color option added
  • Default Option for search items
  • Some styling fixed


  • Search problem to other page fixed
  • Books display order ASC/DESC option added
  • Books cover/image width full/default option added
  • Enable/Disable book details page option added
  • Showing the book’s tags in details page
  • Pages word included in translation in details page
  • Search By ISBN option added
  • Search By Language option added
  • Year wise search option added
  • Show/Hide Year Search Option Added
  • ASC/DESC Year Order in Search Panel Option added
  • Show/Hide ISBN seacrh Option Added
  • Some styling fixed


  • Search Books Button Text Option Added
  • Search Books Button BG Color Option Added
  • Search Books Button Border Color Option Added
  • Search Books Button Font Color Option Added
  • Category Order ASC/DESC in Search Panel
  • Author Order ASC/DESC in Search Panel
  • Publisher Order ASC/DESC in Search Panel
  • Bug Fixes Regarding Text Domain
  • Translation Ready: POT file included (/languages/)


  • Option For Gallary Columns In Mobile Added
  • Author not showing in details page solved
  • Multiple category showing issue solved
  • Bug fixad


  • Inställningar för sökpanelen ingår i administratörsmenyn
  • Visa/dölj alternativ för sökpanelen tillagd
  • Visa/dölj sök efter boktitel alternativ tillagt
  • Visa/dölj sök efter kategori alternativ tillagt
  • Visa/dölj sök efter författare alternativ tillagt
  • Visa/dölj sök efter utgivare alternativ tillagt
  • Visa författare efter kategori i sökval
  • Dölj nedladdningsknappen om det inte finns någon extern länk tillgänglig
  • Aktivera översätt text i sökpanelen
  • Support för posttaggar
  • Alternativ tillagd för antal ord i beskrivning
  • Alternativ tillagt för Publiceringsdatums format (hel / år)
  • Mindre buggfixar


  • Olika sökalternativ tillagda
  • Sortera efter namn, författare, datum etc.
  • Ingen bildförhandsvisning läggs till om bilden inte hittades


  • Flush Rewrite tillämpas vid pluginaktivering
  • Inställningsmenyn för galleri- och bokdetaljer ingår i administratörsmenyn
  • Rutnätlayout implementerat på gallerisidan
  • Alternativet visa gallerikolumner tillagt
  • Alternativ för boktitels längd tillagd
  • Öppna sidan med bokdetaljer när du klickar på bilden tillagd
  • Öppna bokdetaljer på samma flik eller i en ny flik alternativet tillagd
  • Alternativet för kategoriletikettext tillagd
  • Alternativet författaretikett tillagd
  • Alternativ att visa kategori på gallerisidan
  • Alternativ att visa författare på gallerisidan
  • Alternativ att visa beskrivning på gallerisidan
  • Alternativ att visa Köp nu / Ladda ner-knappen på galleri-sidan
  • Köp nu / Ladda ned knapptexttext alternativet tillagt
  • Alternativt att visa författare och författaretikettext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa kategori och kategorietiketttext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa förlags- och förlagsmärkningstext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa publiceringsdatum och publiceringsdatumetiketttext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa ISBN- och ISBN-etiketttext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa antal sidor och sidor etikettext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa Land and Land etikettext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa språk och språketiketttext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa bokmått och bokmåttsetiketttext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa filstorlek och filstorleksetiketttext på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa Köp nu / Ladda ner knappen på detaljsidan
  • Alternativ för att visa beskrivning och beskrivningsetiketttext på detaljsidan


  • Bug fixar
  • Layouten förbättrades


  • Kortkod inkluderar: Visningsalternativ, Paginationsalternativ, Kategori-alternativ
  • Alternativ Aktivt / inaktivt är tillagt


  • Layouten för bokdetaljsidan har ändrat
  • Beskrivningsavsnittet kommer till botten


  • Detaljsida tillagd


  • Första utgåvan