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Free Live Chatbot Assistant for Website or Blog


Chatbot by Bottr is a lightweight and powerful plugin that allows you to add a live chat widget a.k.a. your personal chatbot to your website or blog in a jiffy. Save time, improve engagement, generate leads, handle FAQs, showcase your stuff, everything with a single chatbot plugin!


A bot is your smart digital twin – it learns by simply talking to you, represents you to the world 24/7 and brings everything in one interface! Bottr provides you the easiest way to create your chatbot for anything, including customer support, FAQ, profile, sales, lead gen, marketing.

Save time: Do what you love while your bot responds to messages on your behalf, 24/7, using advanced artificial intelligence.

Chat live: Engage with the audience/customers visiting your amazing wordpress website by having live chat with them.

Sell more: Showcase your portfolio, services or merchandise in a beautiful interactive form through the chatbot.

Connect better: Create engaging micro articles and blogs for your audience and share with the world in a click. Your audience can know you better and discover content by simply chatting with your bot.

Insightful analytics: Stay in control by getting user engagement data and analytics right in your bot.


Whether you are a small business, or freelancer, influencer, marketer, or anyone, you need a chatbot to help your audience/customers to learn about you in a better way. You can use chatbot for:

  1. FAQs or AMAs
    Chatbots evolve. They can learn from existing data to answer questions on your behalf. Automating an FAQ list or hosting AMA sessions is much easier with a chatbot.

  2. Online Profiles
    Build interactive and unique professional or personal profiles to get noticed. You can even use a chatbot in place of a conventional resume by giving it a semblance of your own personality.

  3. Virtual storefront
    A chatbot can be your virtual sales assistant. A storefront chatbot can help engage potential customers, make product suggestions, and guide them through the sale.

  4. Unified Inboxes
    A chatbot can bring all your conversations from various channels, such as emails and chats, under one roof and let you communicate with others in a unified manner.

  5. Websites and Blogs
    Make your webpage stand out with a friendly, informative chatbot. A powerful complementary tool to traditional blogging, chatbots combine rich content and conversation to provide a genuinely engaging experience for visitors.

  6. Brand building
    Create a chatbot to take care of your brand presence on various social media platforms. Replace cluttered feeds on multiple social platforms with one chatbot for your audience to engage with.

If you thought embedding your bot required mandatory HTML skills and copy pasting code snippets to your site’s underlying code – think again! With the Bottr Chatbot plugin , all you need to do is sign in with your existing bottr id and your bot widget will be automatically embedded on your site.

Capturing site visitors with engaging conversations, content suggestions and a bit of personality has never been easier before.


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to Bottr Chatbot from WordPress admin dashboard
  4. Signup on Bottr and create your bot
  5. Come back and add your bot url

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Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to Bottr Chatbot from WordPress admin dashboard
  4. Signup on Bottr and create your bot
  5. Come back and add your bot url


28 juli 2018
simple, easy to use, worked as expected.. 👍🏼
27 december 2017
It's a very interesting proposal, but it did not work. We created the account and did some training with the Bot, when we added the plugin and added its bot URL. Nothing happens. We try to add the <script ... directly into html pages, also nothing happens.
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