Det här tillägget har inte testats med någon av de 3 senaste huvudversionerna av WordPress. Det kanske inte längre underhålls och kan ha kompatibilitetsproblem när det används tillsammans med nyare versioner av WordPress.

WP cdnjs


Speed up your site by using the powerfull and free CDNjs. This plugin Allows you to search all libraries and include them on your site.
Proudly updated by Audioscavenger.

Requires PHP 5.3 or newer

Browse by Name and Description

When browsing, the search key word look in the library names and description.

  • Shows library name
  • Shows description
  • Shows how many versions are available

Choose the Righ Version

Stop worrying about incompatibilities, WP cdnjs let you chose the version you really need!

  • Latest version selected by default
  • Minified version selected by default
  • Allows you to include the (non)minified version for debugging purposes

Add More Assets

Among the libraries served by CDNjs, you can add the assets related.

  • Shows all the assets associated with a library version
  • Allows you to change the main asset used
  • Allows you to add and remove assets
  • Shows the assets already used in grey to avoid addind duplicates

Manage Priorities

With an easy drag&drop, manage the order in which your libraries will be loaded.

  • Easy drag&drop
  • Header/Footer choice
  • Enable/Disable option


  • Dashboard: Set of libraries and usual messages.
  • Dashboard: Browse cdnjs Libraries example with popup.
  • Dashboard: Browse available versions for twitter-bootstrap.
  • Dashboard: Browse available assets for twitter-bootstrap.


Upload the plugin to your blog or install it via the dashboard, activate it, done.
The configuration page is found under Settings->WP cdnjs

This plugin requires PHP and JavaScript.

Vanliga frågor

Is WP cdnjs Free?

Yes! Every WP cdnjs’s features are and always will be free.

Do I need a account?

Since WP cdnjs do not provided hosted services by, a account is not required.

How do I contribute to WP cdnjs?

There are opportunities for developers at all levels to contribute.
You can participate to the development via the developer section with SVN.

How can I change what action is used to enqueue the CDNJS scripts?

You can override the default action (’init’) that enqueues the CDNJS script like so:

add_filter('wp_cdnjs_init_action', 'my_cdnjs_init_action');
function my_cdnjs_init_action() {
    return 'get_sidebar'; // the action tag you wish to use
Is it possible to have all enabled scripts load in the WordPress Admin area?

Yes. You can use this filter:

add_filter('wp_cdnjs_allow_in_admin', 'my_cdnjs_allow_in_admin');
function my_cdnjs_allow_in_admin() {
    return TRUE;


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Major Bungfix
* CDNJS does not provide assets list via their API
* tested for WP 5.3 + updated min req version to 5.1
* tested with PHP 7.3
* tested with PHP 7.2


Minor Update
* just tested for 5.2 + updated min req version to 5.1
* tested with both PHP 7.0 and 7.2.18


Minor Update
* just tested for 5.1.1 + updated min req version to 5.0


Minor Update
* tested for 4.9.6 + updated EOL for main script


Major Enhancements
* Performance increase: Removed the query strings everywhere
* Removed font-awsome and switched to WP dashicons

Minor Enhancements
* Minimum version set to 4.9 because we refuse to serve outdated WP versions anymore. Security is everyone’s matter, you must therefore use an up-to-date WP.


Bug Fix
* Correct path to language files + added


* Ajout de la version Francaise, vieux.


  • Release date: January 7, 2018
  • Release post: WP cdnjs

* Creation of the readme.txt. This took me like 3 hours so it totally justifies a new release.


Major Enhancements
* add menu_icon + css assets
* integrate 0.13 functions
* move main functions to lib/functions.php
* add minified js
* table in Settings is now full width
* cleanup php code everywhere


Major Enhancements
* Initial fork from wp-cdnjs.git to wp-cdnjs-reborn.git
* Fix the secondary assets you want to include
* Add column for choosing the exact version
* Add checkbox for choosing the the non-minified version


  • Update for 4.0


  • Bugfix for header / footer setting being reversed


  • Added .pot file for translation
  • Fixed logo and WP version


  • Initial release