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13 december 2020
When activated it breaks the formatting of the 'Services' section in the current version of the onepress theme
6 december 2019
It just does what it says, super simple and effective. I like it a LOT. You can list the documents all together, you can list the taxonomies and click them and see all the docs related. As a feature to have, it may be useful to have any list with the option to expand with all the doc titles or something like that, not that you have to click to see it. And also the list by tags. Me encanta! Gracias!!
22 november 2019
I took a gamble on this plugin. I've tried a ton of others, all different, to create a PDF documents library and nothing was what I needed. The other free one wouldn't let you add authors who weren't members, things like that. I couldn't find anything! This plugin is new, has no reviews, and hardly anyone using it. AND IT IS THE BEST. Thank you!! Exactly what I needed! I'm so happy! Keep developing and keep working on this because I'm about to add a ton of documents and I'll need this plugin to continue being developed!
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