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Personalization for WordPress

PersonalizeWP allows you to start using WordPress as a digital experience platform, adding personalization and conditional rules to the content that your users see and can interact with. Compete with commercial enterprise platforms and add your own rules to match user behaviour on, then show or hide blocks based on if your conditions are met.

Default Rules

Available rules out of the box include the ability to show or hide blocks if:

  • If a user is logged in or not
  • The user is, or is not, from a specific country
  • When a certain amount of time has passed
  • The user is new to the site or is returning
  • Users are using a mobile, tablet or desktop device
  • A user is visiting at a specific time or period of the day
  • The user has been referred from a specific site (i.e. Facebook, Google)
  • It is before or after, or between, specific dates (i.e. Christmas holidays)
  • A cookie is set to a particular value or empty
  • There is a specific query string or parameter in the URL
  • The user has a specific WordPress role type

And the ability to use multiple rules on a single block.


  • Rules personalization screen - Add a new rule to use in the Block Editor
  • Rule categories screen - Manage the categories that your rules are sorted into
  • PersonaliseWP Dashboard Screen
  • Settings screen - signup for our newsletter

Vanliga frågor

What is PersonalizeWP?

PersonalizeWP is a WordPress plugin designed to add personalization features to WordPress. It follows similar principles to Enterprise platforms such as Episerver, Optimizely and Sitecore and works in conjunction with the Block editor to provide a simple and clear pathway to this functionality for content authors and admins.

What can I use it for?

You can use PersonalizeWP to personalize content to your users, based on actions that they have taken, or criteria such as which countries they are accessing your site from. We have included basic rules into the plugin to provide a starting point and you can add your own rules, based on a set of conditions, and then apply those to any blocks you wish.

How do I use PersonalizeWP?

Once you have the plugin installed and activated, a PersonalizeWP option will appear in the Block Settings sidebar in the editor when you are editing a block. Within this, you will be given the choice to choose a rule and determine an action if that rule is met. For instance, you may wish to add a content block with a message that is only shown to the user if they come from a particular country, or if they have purchased a product from your store. Feel free to play around and let us know if you think.

Are there any limitations?

The actions that you can take when a rule is met, are currently limited to Show or Hide a block. We will be adding new actions in a future release. The plugin does not work with the Classic Block – which is due to be deprecated. You can use the Convert to Blocks feature to transform the Classic Block into independent blocks, which can then take advantage of PersonalizeWP.

Will the plugin always be free to use?

We will always have a free version of the plugin, but in the future, it is likely that we will add a Pro version which will offer additional features.


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= 1.6.6
* Updated readme.txt and plugin name


  • Fix: Restore the ability to delete custom categories when there are no attached rules
  • Fix: Adjust CSS to ensure invalid input feedback is correctly shown
  • Security: Added extra checks around processing of data in the admin


  • Fix: Ensure consistency in uses of new branding / name
  • Change: Switch admin images to svg for decreased filesize
  • Change: Removed old files no longer used in plugin


  • Updated to new branding / name
  • Change: Removed WooCommerce rules
  • Change: Removed Ninja Form rules
  • Change: Removed Gravity Form rules


  • Fix: Register DXP arguments on Blocks to remove invalid object properties errors
  • Fix: Add root path to visitor cookie creation to stop duplication


  • Fix: Ensured embeded elements such as videos rendered correctly
  • Fix: Ensured empty DXP placeholders don’t affect a themes’ layout
  • Fix: Removed JS error logs


  • Redesigned the UI of the plugin ready for future expansion
  • Added newsletter signup and onboarding step
  • Added settings section
  • Fix: Delete rule condition button still shows
  • Fix: Fatal PHP error when editing invalid custom rules
  • Fix: Bug when uninstalling that meant data wasn’t removed


  • Added support for multiple rules on a single block
  • Added new key/value parameter support for Query String Rule
  • Added translation support for all plugin strings
  • Added translations for FR, ES, DE, PL and EL
  • Reduced number of database queries used within the plugin
  • Fixed bugs related to the saving of rules


  • Revamped the plugin UI and layout
  • Added new functionality to provide contextual actions
  • Modified duplicate rule functionality
  • Fixed PHP errors and minor bugs


  • New rule for referring site
  • New rule for query string parameters
  • New rule for user role type
  • New rule for cookie values
  • New rule for custom date periods
  • Fix for multisite network installs


  • New rule for new vs returning visitors
  • New rule for device type – mobile, tablet, desktop
  • New rules for period or time of day
  • Added further standard rules that work out of the box
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • You can now show or hide blocks for each user, even when the page is fully cached
  • Added a new rule to show/hide blocks based on length of time
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Initial version of WP-DXP plugin