Media Library Categories


Adds the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library. When activated a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library.
You can change / add / remove the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions.
There is even an option to filter on categories when using the gallery shortcode.

Media Library Categories funktioner

  • lägg till / ändra / ta bort kategorier från mediaobjekt
  • ändra kategorin för flera objekt på en gång med massredigeringsåtgärder
  • kategorialternativ och -hantering i mediabiblioteket
  • filtrera efter kategorier i mediabiblioteket
  • filtrera efter kategorier i [gallery]-kortkoden
  • taxonomi-filter
  • support for WordPress 4.0 – 6.5

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WordPress Media Library Categories Premium adds the option to filter on categories when inserting media into a post or page.
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  • Filter by category in the media library. Use bulk actions to add and remove categories of multiple images at once.
  • Hantera kategorier i mediabiblioteket
  • Filtrera efter kategori vid infogning av media (premiumversionen)


För en automatisk installation via WordPress:

  1. Gå till sidan ”Lägg till tillägg” i WordPress adminpanel
  2. Sök efter ”Media Library Categories”
  3. Klicka på ”Installera nu” och aktivera tillägget
  4. En rullgardinsmeny med kategorier kommer visas i mediabiblioteket

För en manuell installation via FTP:

  1. Ladda upp ”Media Library Categories”-katalogen till katalogen ”/wp-content/plugins/”
  2. Aktivera tillägget på sidan ”Tillägg” i din WordPress-adminpanel.
  3. En rullgardinsmeny med kategorier kommer visas i mediabiblioteket

För att ladda upp tillägget via WordPress istället för FTP:

  1. Ladda upp den nedladdade zip-filen på sidan ”Lägg till tillägg” i din WordPress-adminpanel (Notera fliken ”Ladda upp”) och aktivera.
  2. Aktivera tillägget på sidan ”Tillägg” i din WordPress-adminpanel.
  3. En rullgardinsmeny med kategorier kommer visas i mediabiblioteket

Vanliga frågor

How to use separate categories for the WordPress Media Library (and don’t use the same categories as in posts & pages)?

By default the WordPress Media Library uses the same categories as WordPress does (such as in posts & pages). If you want to use separate categories you can use a custom taxonomy, this can be set under Settings Media (or click on the settings quicklink on the WordPress plugins overview page).

Hur används kategorier i [gallery]-kortkoden?

To only show images from one category in the gallery you have to add the ’category’ attribute to the [gallery] shortcode.
The value passed to the ’category’ attribute can be either the category slug or the term_id, for example with the category slug:

[gallery category="my-category-slug"]

Eller med term_id:

[gallery category="14"]

If you use an incorrect slug by default WordPress shows the images that are attached to the page / post that is displayed. If you use an incorrect term_id no images are shown.

Aside from this behavior, the [gallery] shortcode works as it does by default with the built-in shortcode from WordPress (see the WordPress gallery shortcode codex page). If you only want to show attachments uploaded to the page and filtered by category than use the ’id’ in combination with the ’category’ attribute. For example (the id of the post is 123):

[gallery category="my-category-slug" id="123"]

Eller lämna id tomt för nuvarande sida/inlägg:

[gallery category="my-category-slug" id=""]

I detta exempel används slug, men du kan även använda term_id.

Hur kan jag filtrera på kategorier när jag infogar media i ett inlägg eller på en sida?

Denna funktion är endast tillgänglig i premiumversionen

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2 februari 2024 2 svar
Actually a helpful plugin. But has not been working with WPBakery Page Builder for some time now. Among other things, it blocks adding new images to a gallery.
14 juni 2023
This plugin is great, super helpful. I have been using it to create categories for media items that I then use with Loopers in’s Pro theme with Grids and Sliders. Saved me tons of work.
5 augusti 2021 3 svar
Thank you, a great plug-in. With almost 14,000 photos and after I lost all my categories with Enhanced Media Library plugin which I used for 6 years, this plugin (Media Library Categories) gave me a chance to make new categories again. Hope there will be a choice to remove the appearance of number of photos in each category. Cheers
23 november 2020
After using the free version for an evening, I popped for the pro version. I found this to be a terrific addition to my media library toolkit as it provides good options for categorizing images. This is helpful when I’ve uploaded dozens of images and categorized them, and I’m ready to create topic-based sliders or galleries. I can now easily select a category, then choose images within that category without scrolling through 100’s of unrelated images. The developer is responsive and helful to questions.
8 maj 2020 1 svar
So the plugin imports all categories from posts to media categories. So that isn’t right. Why is that? Then if you delete a category from media then automatically delete the category from posts. So all is a mess. Disappointed.
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  • Fix XXS vulnerability


  • Add escape function for input field custom taxonomy slug


  • Fix ’jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated’ warning


  • Remember selected category in dropdown when filtered


  • Add autocomplete search to the category dropdown in Media Library list view (which can be turned on under Settings Media)
  • Add usability fix to highlight media library settings section when directly linked


  • Fix taxonomy checkbox on media modal (when using custom taxonomy)


  • Add autocomplete search to the category dropdown in Media Library grid view (which can be turned on under Settings Media)
  • Åtgärdar några strängar för översättning


  • Add interface (located under Settings Media) to separate the media categories from the default WordPress categories


  • Indent child categories in checklist media popup


  • Stödjer WordPress 5.0
  • Support multiple slugs and id’s in gallery shortcode
  • Support WordPress Coding Standards 1.1.0
  • Add support for Dark Mode in WordPress

See complete changelog for all versions.