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30 november 2022
Wow – just what I was looking for! I wanted a link to navigate forward and back between posts – especially to encourage new visitors to read more posts. I installed the plug-in, fooled with the options a bit, and had all the navigation in all 80+ posts in minutes. Sure beats manually adding links to each post myself. Thank you for a quick and easy solution!
19 maj 2022 1 svar
A great plugin. It helps me to improve the navigation of my blog. Thank you 🙂
22 november 2021
I can’t do code and I don’t understand how to do coding and this plugin is my lifesaver to make a prev-next button for the same category Kudos for the developer
10 september 2020
In terms of its basic functionality – this plugin is great. It locks to the bottom of the page and will navigate from post to post in date order within a single category which is what I needed. However, a major improvement required is either adding the ability to upload your own text link icon, or to recode the text link icon from inline HTML to CSS. As it currently stands the only way I can change the icon for text link styles navigation is to edit the plugin code which is no bueno. Another feature that would be nice to have is the ability to only enable the plugin for certain post types and taxonomies.
24 augusti 2020
Easy to setup and there are only a few options to select – which is actually nice. Love the option to ”Navigate Within Category”. CSS is good as-is didn’t need to change a thing and responsive works perfectly well large screen to small mobile. Well done – thanks for this!
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