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12 november 2022
The plugin worked great as long as you we did not use any search functionality on the site. After implementing the standard wordpress search we did not get any search results and had to activate/deactivate all plugins till we found that this one blocks displaying any search results.
7 oktober 2022
1) you do not understand how to login and it is NOT explained (need an external plugin? boh) 2) it is not clear how to land into the private page of userA and it is NOT explained 3) even if the plugin is enabled the private-page slug returns a 404 4) the documentation is short and useless and does NOT explain in any way how to access your private pages / posts. 5) I was unable to use the plugin after 1 hour of testing 6) you are so greedy that you want to get customers to pay for the "PrEmIuM" version that you have not bothered to explain the basic functions to your followers. good.
10 januari 2022
Easy to use, light and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Couldn't praise the creators more!
12 januari 2021
Hello In the official website you offers a 5 days trial of the pro version. I ask for tree times so far but no budy contacted me. I sent some question in support area too no one answers, that make me think what is going to happend when this plugins fails or need to upgrade? If you may answer my pre sales question i sent before i will buy it right away. One of the question is, when you upload content to a specific user, do the ser get a email notification? Thanks in advance
27 juli 2020 2 svar
If you were looking for a simple way to restrict certain pages by user role, don't waste your time unless you plan on paying. They literally only included the most basic features most of which you can already do with WP by default. The way these plugin developers rope you in with their "free plan" but give you every useless feature, only allowing you access just up to the point of making the plugin useful then they hit you with the Must Upgrade. If they would make these plugins usable and make the more advance stuff requiring an upgrade, I might pay for some, but they make the free versions look good in the description then you install them, DENIED. Worse, when you go to delete the plugin that doest work as you thought, they don't clean up after themselves and leave crap all over your database! ARGH!
25 juni 2020
I have purchased WP Private Content PRO with Mailchimp Locker, which so far works great and i hoped to find an option to disable double opt-in to avoid the user to click on the email confirmation link that opens a browser page where you can choose to go to site or change mailchimp setting.. …allthis is very very annoying and confusing …for a standard user especially on mobile devices,can yo uplease help or consider a custom made setting solution that i can do. In other words i want to have an option like mailchimp forms offer to skip the double opt-in section/sequence and have the user automatically subscrided and when the clik on the subscribe buttont they go to the page proteceted by mailchimp locker. Other question is where and how to edit warning messages that appears in green or red colors in the mailchimp form . The pluign is already installed on working site so i really need a fast solutions. Many Thanks in advance Stefano
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