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WP Shelly


This plugin allows connections to a Shelly relay in order to:

  • check the status of devices;
  • turn the devices ON/OFF;


You may want to use this plugin to give someone the access of your Shelly devices in the simplest way.
The device access is protected by the website login.
Enabled users do not need anything but to be registered in your website.

This plugin is compatible with Elementor from the version 2.0.
The Elementor widget is located in the general category.

For security reason you must restrict the access to the web-controls to a specific user or users’ role.

This plugin requires the WordPress Rest API.


1) From the administration console page of the plugin, enter:

  • your Shelly authorization key
  • your Shelly server URL
  • the device ID
  • the device channel
  • the user or the users’ role that can access to the device control

It’s strongly advised to authorize only trusted user(s) to control your device(s).

2) Save the data and look for the shortcode displayed at the bottom of the page.
Example of the shortcode:
[shelly id=123]

3) Insert the shortcode in a post/page of your WP website.

For details about the configuration parameters, please refer to the Shelly Cloud API Manual.

Copyright Notice

SHELLY is a trademark copyrighted by
Allterco Robotics LTD
1407 SOFIA


  • The Elementor widget

Vanliga frågor

How many devices can I control ?

As many as your website can handle.

What kind of Shelly device can I control ?

This plugin has been tested with Shelly2.5 relays.
Nevertheless, a device correctly responding to Shelly cloud API

  • POST https://[server location link]/device/status/
  • POST https://[server location link]/device/relay/control/

could be controlled by this plugin.


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  • Added the feature to manage more devices
  • Removed the italian translation


  • Added a workaround to load the core file ’pluggable.php’ before using the cache_users() function [WordPress 6.1 bug]


  • Updated the internal library


  • Minor updates


  • Minor updates


  • Client browser’s requests are sent to WordPress Rest API endpoints


  • Improved the security of sensible data
  • Implemented the compatibility with Elementor 2.x


First release