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WP-SimplyHired API


Host your own job board powered by the SimplyHired API. This plugin allows users to search for jobs, browse jobs by location and/or keyword, get possibly related jobs through a recommendation algorithm, and link directly to each job.


  • Admin options for publisher id, jobboard url (needed for click-tracking)
  • Admin global option to filter all results within top-level O*NET category
  • Job widget with options for title, number of results, query, location, etc.
  • Job widget includes option for Post a Job button.
  • O*NET support for niche enhancement
  • Job search pages include pagination and location filtering.
  • SimplyHired click-tracking javascript in page footers, with debug option.
  • SimplyHired attribution PER terms of agreement to use API.

** ONET Support **
Set a broad O
NET classification to narrow your niche in the settings. All searches will pull from this classification. For example, to pull results from computer jobs, use ONET code of 15-10

Some ONET codes are not supported by the SimplyHired API such as Web Developers ONET 15-1099 and will return an error result. Backing up the chain to 15-10 finally sends valid results. Adjust this code as necessary.

** Shortcode Support **
Job search pages created using shortcode syntax with attributes for query, location, onet, page, radius, etc. ). Create niche targeted directories and sub-directories using normal WordPress pages.

shortcode syntax: [joblist query=”keywords” location=”city, state, or zip”]

The query attribute is required, where the location attribute is not. Other attributes will be available, such as onet, radius, type(ft, pt, seasonal, etc.), listing style, and whatever else will be helpful.

Roadmap Features:

  • Full job search through the SimplyHired API. Browse by company, by keyword, by location, or search with any keyword / location combination.
  • Retrieve job details for individual jobs.
  • Customization of permalink structure for complete SEO control (future).

  • RSS feeds for jobs (future).

NOTE: This plugin is a constant state of development and new features are being introduced at a rapid pace. View the implemented vs. roadmap features above for more information.

See the plugin homepage for more information and latest details.

Demonstration of current and future plugin features visit Construction Jobs at for live example.


  • Screenshot of a job listing page using ONET = 15-10* and a query of ”web+developers”
  • To find your Publisher Id, first log into the Advanced tab on your Blog-a-matic Partner Dashboard. Your Publisher ID is half-way down the page labeled pshid


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Register and obtain a Job-A-Matic partner account at Make note of your publisher ID and job board Url, they are needed to use the SimplyHired API.
  2. Download and unzip this package to your plugin folder.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress and configure the settings to your liking. Your publisher ID and job board Url settings are required to use the SimplyHired API.

Vanliga frågor

Can I see a demo?

Yes. Visit Construction Jobs at for an in-production example of the plugin in action.

I keep getting a ”no results” error on my job listing page, what gives?

This is usually caused by some incorrect values in your required settings. It could be an invalid publisher ID number, invalid job board Url, or either, an invalid ONET code or severely limiting ONET code. See the FAQ page for more information.

Where do I find my Blog-a-matic Publisher ID number?

This is a little obscure to find. Go to the Advanced tab in your Partner Dashboard settings direct link. You will find it half way down the page under Job Search GET Parameters. Look for the pshid=xxxxx value. The x’s will be your Publisher ID number.

Does the SimplyHired API have a request limit?

No. Currently, they do not have a limit on requests. The plugin does transient caching of some high-use data for speed however, which will reduce the number of requests.


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  • Hotfix for easier Admin configuration.


  • Added shortcode [joblist]
  • Added O*NET support


  • Added finding pubid to FAQ
  • Updated attribution link


  • Added Post a Job button to Job widget
  • Added job posting data options to Admin area


  • Added SimplyHired click-tracking script to page footer
  • Added SimplyHired attribution (per terms)
  • Added frontend stylesheet
  • Minor changes to Widget Html
  • Admin code cleanup


  • Admin profile and customizable widget


  • Original plugin release. Only widget support until version 0.2