Smart Avatars


Instead of every user’s avatar looking the same, Smart Avatars allows assigning a random avatar to new users during registration. Each user will be assigned a random avatar from your chosen avatar library.

Smart Avatars includes several avatar libraries for you to choose from, or go one step further and upload your own.

If you’d rather a consistent look, Smart Avatars also lets you assign every user the same avatar.

Smart Avatars is simple to install and use, requiring no additional coding or special theme support.


  • Give all users a uniform avatar.
  • Select from one of the in-build libraries.
  • Create your own custom library.
  • The users’ avatar is set.


  1. Upload the entire zl-smart-avatars zip at /wp-content/plugin-install.php.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).

You will find the Smart Avatars menu in your WordPress admin screen inside the settings menu.

BuddyPress must be installed for this plugin to function.

Note: Web components will not load correctly if the plugin directory is not on URL /wp-content/plugins/zl-smart-avatars.

Vanliga frågor

Do images get deleted from the WP media library when they are cleared from the custom library?

Not currently, they will still be in the media library and should you wish to delete them you can do so from there.

Can I assign the same avatar for each user?

  • Leave the random avatar setting off
  • Choose which of the displayed avatars you would like each user to have by clicking on the image.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

How do I assign an avatar from one of the pre-defined banks?

  • Turn the random avatar setting on.
  • Selected either Colours or Nature using the radio buttons.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

How do I create a custom gallery of avatars and assigning one randomly?

  • Turn the random avatar setting on.
  • Select the Custom option using the radio button.
  • Click the Add/Edit Gallery button.
  • Either click the Select Files button in the pop-up window or navigate to the Add to gallery tab on the left if there are already images in the media library that you’d like to use.
  • Select the image files from a directory on your computer.
  • Once they are uploaded click the Update Gallery button and the pop-up window will close.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

Can I edit my custom gallery?

You certainly can!

  • Click the Add/Edit Gallery button.
  • Delete images from the gallery by clicking the cross overlayed on the image in the modal window that pops up. Please note that this does not delete them from the media library, this has to be done manually through the media library page.
  • Click the Update gallery button.
  • Alternatively, click the Add to gallery tab from the left-hand side and either add more from the media library or click the Upload files tab at the top of the modal and then Select Files.
  • Once uploaded click the Add to gallery button, the Update gallery button and then the Save Changes button once you are back in the plugins main settings screen.
  • You can clear all items from the gallery by pressing the Clear Gallery button and then the Clear Gallery button in the ”Are You Sure” modal. Please note that this does not delete them from the media library, this has to be done manually through the media library page.


30 december 2023 1 svar
This plugin is great! I had been searching for many hours over the course of weeks to find a plugin that will randomly assign default avatars from a gallery of pre-selected avatars and was so excited when I found this plugin. The settings are easy to use and avatars are connected to profiles quite easily. I suspect that I didn’t find this plugin sooner simply because it is probably very new and has relatively few downloads, but I hope that quickly changes and others find out about this plugin. I use BuddyPress and BBPress and the avatars look excellent on these pages. I will very likely buy the Pro version in the near future.
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  • Initial release


  • Feature: Adds the ability for users to change their avatar, choosing from the selection defined in the admin panel.
  • Feature: Adds the ability for user to upload their own avatar after registration.
  • Fix: Get avatar location methods do not return base URL.
  • Fix: Missing sanity checks on saving new avatar.
  • Fix: Change avatar JS handlers execute twice.
  • Fix: Custom galleries may not work if same filename is used over multiple months.
  • Fix: AJAX update for users current avatar.
  • Fix: Resize current avatar display as showing full size when using BuddyPress nouveau template.
  • Feature: Adds the ability to assign a default user avatar from the inbuilt bank or add a custom avatar.
  • Feature: Adds pro settings which are disabled unless pro version is installed. These are adding a default user cover image, group avatar and group cover image.
  • Feature: Adds Cera theme support.


  • Chore: Tests for PHP v8.2 and WordPress v6.4.1 compatibility.