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    Hi @robertholm19800523
    This is the Swedish forum for WordPress users, it’s OK to use Swedish here. But, just in case, I’ll still write this message in English.

    This is a forum where WordPress users can give advice to each other. But we’re strongly opposed to anyone requesting or offering login/access details here. That’s because this is a public forum, and you’ve got no way to really know, whom you’re talking to. Also: if someone is actually doing work for you rather than just giving you advice, while you’re doing your work yourself, then that falls outside of the scope for this forum.

    I also removed your email address in the post. It has probably already been scraped by a few bots, so you may notice an uptick in incoming spam.

    Now to your question:
    WordPress consists of several thousands of files. Just to see what we’re talking about, you can download and unzip it on your computer to get a feeling for how many files we’re talking about and what the file structure looks like.
    In addition to the files in core, you’ll probably also have more stuff under /wp-content/, like:
    – various plugins (/wp-content/plugins … and perhaps /wp-content/mu-plugins/ )
    – one or several WordPress themes (/wp-content/themes/ )
    – translations ( /wp-content/languages/ )
    – uploaded images and other media files (/wp-content/uploads/ )

    BUT: you can’t reacy everything via FTP – All text content, most settings and lots of other information is stored in a database. The file wp-config.php contains information about where to find the database and even WordPress’ login details to the database. So you’ll need to drop all the relevant tables in that database. If your database contains only this one WordPress site, then you can simply delete the whole database instead.

    Deleting all those files, recursively walking through the file tree will actually take some time for your FTP program. Depending on your connection speed, how many parallel thread the server accepts, etc. the time needed can vary a lot, but we might be talking about some 15 minutes-ish, here.

    If you’re on a decent webhost, then they can probably do this quickly for you, or they may have some smart tricks to quickly wipe out a whole site. I’d suggest that you start in that end. If your webhost offers line access via wp-cli, then a couple of commands there will do the trick for you in a few seconds.

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