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LZ Computer Repair

LZ Computer Repair

  • Version 0.5.5
  • Senast uppdaterat 25 juni 2024
  • Aktiva installationer 400+
  • PHP-version 7.2

LZ Computer Repair is an exotic WordPress theme with tremendous applications for the hardware industry and in case you are interested for the repair and maintenance website for the computers, tv repair, mobile repair, printer, laptop, device, mobile phones, cellphone and tablets; this premium theme will solve the purpose. It also finds application in the area of windows and software and is an exclusive option for the maintenance and service of digital content. This premium LZ Computer Repair theme is highly suited or the businesses like electronic fixing services or the cellular repair centers. With some of the classic features like user friendliness, multipurpose nature and responsiveness, it is good for any type of repair services in the IT industry. Some of the features that make it special are the personalization options, fast page load time, parallax effect and the CTA. This theme has bootstrap framework apart from the secure and clean code making it good for the data recovery as well as the game console repairs. The theme has professionalism associated with it apart from a high quality design that is clean as well. If you are an entrepreneur in the area of smart phone business, LZ Computer Repair will suit your purpose because it is not only modern but is translation ready as well. Demo: https://www.luzukdemo.com/demo/computer-repair/

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Aktiva installationer: 400+


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