Controlled Admin Access


Give a temporary limited admin. access to themes designers, plugins developers and support agents.

The plugin is simple and clean, it helps the administrator to create a user with a temporary access and choose which pages in your admin area which you don’t want the user to access. send the details to the user and when he finished his task, you can easily deactivate the account and activate it later.


  • Add User Page
  • Manage Users Page
  • Edit User Page


  1. Upload controlled-admin-access folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In the dashboard, click on Users then Controlled Admin Access


10 mars, 2020
Not necessary create multi admin system, just clicking menuns or submenus. Select the dashboard pages which the user is NOT ALLOWED to visit. Love them.
4 mars, 2020
I needed to give the client access to their backend so they could add some content/make some changes before the project was done. However, the built-in editor in WordPress did not give the client access to some plugins features. With this plugin, I can completely lock down the site to the parts the client needs. Without having to worry about them installing a backup plugin or something before the final payment.
6 januari, 2020
I needed to allow Admin Access to a client's social media consultant to set up & manage the Pixel Caffeine plugin. I was delighted to find this, it's easy to install and set up and does just what is says it will. I am using it with the Divi theme, WooCommerce and a number of other plugins, no conflicts or other problems identified so far. The only potential issue is that I don't seem to be able to restrict access to the WordPress Updates page (/update-core.php). Apart from that, perfect - thanks WPRuby 🙂
22 november, 2019
I needed to give a newly created user role admin access to the Users menu group on the dashboard, & nothing else - this enabled me to do it. Thank you!
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  • FIXED: The Your Profile access was not saved correctly.


  • FIXED: Redirect to the first accessible page. 404 not found pages were fixed.


  • FIXED: ignore menu items of the customizer to avoid menu duplication.


  • FIXED: empty user password should not be processed when user is being updated


  • FIXED: make activate link green only for the plugin users table


  • FIXED: remove warning message for defining scalar constants for php less than 5.6


  • FIXED: Users were prevented from accessing post type pages.


  • FIXED: Restrict users from editing any other user.


  • ADDED: Redirect the user to the first accessible page after login


  • FIXED: Add backward compatibility for PHP 5.x


  • ADDED: Allow the access to the Plugins page.


  • ADDED: Spanish language translations.


  • FIXED: Users could access the Plugins page by typing the URL in the browser.


  • FIXED: Deactivating users bug.
  • FIXED: PHP warning when slecting user roles.


  • FIXED: Users and Plugins plugins prevent access when the user has been edited.
    ADDED: Our Blog posts widget.


  • FIXED: Users and Plugins prevent access.
  • FIXED: Javascript conflict.
  • FIXED: Display the menu items title.


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