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Enable Accessibility


The most advanced and leading Web sites Accessibility component, including a large variety of tools.
Our component allows users with impairments or disabilities to enjoy easy and convenient experience at any website they browse using fixed settings that match their browsing needs.
enable company offers free access to our extension as an act of solidarity and support in 1.6 million visitors with disabilities.

Accessibility key features

  • Font Size Control
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Contrast displays: High contrast / Black and White / Black and Yellow.
  • Links Highlight
  • Stop Animations
  • etc…

This plugin allows for easy integration of Enable Accessibility Toolbar into your WordPress website.
A valid Enable Accessibility license is required, after purchase you can control and revise your toolbar settings on a per-website basis from

Please note: this is not a standalone plugin and requires you to have a valid license.


Install from a downloaded zip archive.

  1. Go to your admin menu Plugins -> Add New, and click on ”Upload Plugin” near the top.
  2. Browse for the zip file and click on upload.


  1. Extract the downloaded zip archive in your wp-content/plugins directory.

Once uploaded,

  1. Go to your ”Installed Plugins” page and enable the plugin
  2. Go to Enable Accessibility and enter your license key
  3. (Optional) Go to to modify website settings

Vanliga frågor

Kan jag använda tillägget utan en licens?

No, Enable Toolbar license is require, You will only be able to use the attachments alt tag fix.

Vad ger mig licensen?

Enable Accessibility Toolbar license allows you to use Enable Toolbar on your website

Hur mycket kostar licensen?

Visa våra licenspaket på vår webbplats


1 september 2022
Simple, very quick setup (although need to register for a key, for free). Anyway, it gives a very good coverage.
6 oktober 2021
The plugin is apparently not maintained and not supported by the latest version of WP. No option to modify settings. The whole admin webpage is not operational – menu items are not clickable. Same with part of the settings. No options to modify the color and the size of the icon or remove some of the options from the accessibility menu. The parameters are there, but they are not clickable. Tested with 4 browsers. Asked for support several times, but the only answer is – no support. True disappointment.
22 augusti 2017
BUT: It doesn’t save state when the user exits the site. Reading Mode is quite buggy for pages that aren’t mainly plain text (post listings, etc.). Then again, I guess it’s meant for content that is read like posts Thank you for your work.
9 augusti 2017
I am surprised to be the first to review this plug-in, but I guess it is may be because I realize that reviews are the bread and butter of these plug ins. The Enable Accessibility Plugin gets my unreserved recommendation. I am hosting a site in Israel. Our government has passed a fuzzy law requiring all websites in the nation to meet accessibility standards or face hefty finds. With this in mind, uPress has made this plugin available for free! For small operations like mine, the free one is enough and helped me meet the standards very quickly and painlessly for a very small site. (If you have a large site, nothing will remove the pain besides hours of hard work.). I installed the plug-in, applied for my uPress licenses (free), and followed the instructions – KEY FOLKS – follow the instructions! If you do not read Hebrew well, use Google Chrome, right-click and translate the page, instructions are easy to follow. You enable the plug in, then log in to your account with uPress, enter your settings, wait a few hours, and viola. It is set up. Obviously, it would be better if the uPress website was in English… but that was only a minor issue for me. Thank you uPress!
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  • Fix CSRF issue
  • Bump tested up to version


  • Remove useless license check cron
  • Require the license key to be set in the settings to load the toolbar


  • Fix checking license


  • Bump tested up to version


  • Updated license data retreival method


  • Updated script URL
  • Removed jQuery dependency from script


  • First stable Release.