Firebase Authentication


Firebase authentication plugin allows you to login or Single Sign-On (SSO) into WordPress sites using your Firebase user login credentials or via Social Login.
Firebase authentication works using the default WordPress login page. Also, we support Firebase WooCommerce Integration and other third-party login pages along with custom login forms.


  • Firebase Authentication : WordPress login / SSO using Firebase authentication user login credentials
  • Auto Create Users : After login using Firebase login credentials, new user automatically gets created in WordPress
  • Configurable login options :
    Provide option to login with,
    a) Only Firebase credentials
    b) Only WordPress credentials
    c) Both Firebase and WordPress credentials
  • Auto Register WooCommerce Users to Firebase : Provide an option to sync a WordPress user to Firebase whenever an end-user registers into the WordPress site via the WooCommerce registration form. User is created in Firebase with only an email address and password.
  • Support for Firebase Phone Authentication method : Users will be asked to enter OTP provided via Firebase to login into WordPress (Passwordless login). This works for WooCommerce as well.
  • Support for Firebase Social Login : With Firebase authentication, users will be provided an option to login in to WordPress using selected social login providers
    Providers supported are

    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. Github
    4. Twitter
    5. Apple
    6. Yahoo
    7. Microsoft
  • Support for Social Login buttons Shortcode : Use a shortcode to place Firebase social login buttons anywhere in your Theme or Plugin
  • Sync Firebase UID to WordPress : Users can map email, Firebase user-id to their WordPress user profile using this WordPress Firebase Authentication feature.
  • Custom Redirect Login and Logout URL : Automatically Redirect users after successful login/logout. This works for WooCommerce as well.
  • Support for Firebase Login and Registration form Shortcode : Using login form shortcode, users can enter their Firebase credentials to login into the WP site, and using the registration form shortcode, users can register into the WordPress site, and that user is also auto created in Firebase with an email address and password.
  • WP Hooks for Different Events : Firebase authentication provides support for different hooks for user defined functions.
  • Firebase WooCommerce Integration : Integrate WooCommerce with the WordPress Firebase Authentication plugin and allow users to log in to your WooCommerce site using firebase login credentials on WooCommerce Checkout and My account page.


  • Configure Firebase Authentication plugin
  • Option to allow WP Administrators to login
  • The result after successful Test Authentication


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for firebase authentication. Find and Install firebase authentication plugin by miniOrange
  3. Activate the plugin

Vanliga frågor

I need help to configure the plugin?

Please email us at or Contact us. You can also submit your query from the plugin’s configuration page.

I am locked out of my account and can’t login with either my WordPress credentials or Firebase credentials. What should I do?

Firstly, please check if the user you are trying to login with exists in your WordPress. To unlock yourself, rename the firebase-authentication plugin name. You will be able to login with your WordPress credentials. After logging in, rename the plugin back to firebase-authentication. If the problem persists, activate, deactivate, and again activate the plugin.

For support or troubleshooting help

Please email us at or Contact us.


28 januari 2022
They give great support and really tried to help me find a solution for my problems, even offering a demo of their best plan. Unfortunately it didn't fit my very specific problem, but the plugin is a very effective way to integrate firebase authentication with WordPress.
14 juli 2021
This plugin is not working Not sync wordpress and firebase user data. You should not buy any licence. This is scam plugin ! be careful !
1 juli 2021
Bought it and had a couple of issues, but all issues were fixed and updated within a couple of days. Now everything works as expected. As others also have said, very good support 🙂 We are using it to register / login customers when they check out in WooCommerce. The only "bad" thing is, that the plugin code is encrypted, so you can't debug / add features to it.
8 maj 2021
Does the work perfectly, I use it to sell subscription for another App placed on another server, this one saved me a lot of time on production. And I must say the support is just awesome ! And I never leave reviews but this time they really deserve it. They reply quickly even on weekends and they helped me with setting up.
20 april 2021
We required a variation to the plugin with some customisation to integrate Wordpress with Firebase for a seamless customer experience. Mini orange were professional, friendly and helpful. They completed the task required and were flexible to help us with our implementation challenges. A pleasure to work with this company.
8 februari 2021
We found this plugin's Firebase attribute mapping does not support an important Firebase attribute type, Custom Claims, immediately after purchasing and installing the Pro version. They were only willing to look at adding this attribute to their mapping mechanism for a fee, and used their refund policy as a poor excuse to keep the $$, even if their product will not be used. So if you want to give it a go request a free trial first, and do NOT part with your money until you have verified 100% it will work for your use case.
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  • Added compatibility with WP 6.0
  • Added Security Fixes


  • Added documentation and setup guide links


  • Added compatibility with WP 5.9
  • UI changes and minor bug fixes


  • Added functionality for requesting the demo


  • Readme changes
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  • Improvements in the flow of wp-login with firebase credentials
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  • Advertised features on UI
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  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.4


  • Added step by step guide link


  • Plugin deactivation form


  • Configurable option to allow WP login only to Administrators


  • Initial release