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Detta tillägg tillhandahåller 2 block.

  • Frontend Admin Submissions Display frontend submissions so that site admins can update content from the frontend.
  • Frontend Admin Form Display a frontend admin form so that your users can update content from the frontend.


10 september 2022
Powerful and quick to deploy. The only thing missed is content is classic text type and does not support block editor or elementor. Probably it is coming soon or instructions are coming soon as mentioned in docs.
14 juli 2022
I had an activation issue with the license with the website. It took about 2 days to get fixed but I can't blam Frontend Admin Pro team for all of it. The first email that was sent was a typo in the email address. After we fixed the issue with the email they were able to fix the activation issue. The plugin works as designed and I like it very much and would suggest buying the plugin. I use it with Elementor Pro and it works great.
21 april 2022
I've just started using this and have been really impressed with how easy it is to setup forms and edit WP items with.
20 mars 2022 2 svar
First of all, this plugin is free. However, you need to understand, how this plugin works, in order to use it. What did I need: Frontend editable posts or tables. I wanted a frontend editable todo list for 6 different projects. How to use this plugin: You have to put the shortcode into the post itself. My first try: I used the plugin settings to target specific posts. This doesn't work. The plugin is not able to target specific posts and make them all editable in a single page. My solution: I used iframes to put together a single page with 6 different iframes/posts. I CSSed out the theme inside the posts, put the posts into iframe links into a page and then had a single page, where I could edit, in the frontend, 6 different posts at the same time. So if you need editable posts in the frontend, this plugin works perfectly with iframes. It has a ton of settings, all in the free version. My recommendation: - Premium version should be max $20/year. Bugs: - The target a specific post setting doesn't work. If I put different shortcodes in a single page, the page itself is edited, not the posts I targeted in the settings. - The shortcode only functions inside the block, where the shortcode is. The shortcode doesn't recognize other blocks inside a post, tried with Gutenberg and Elementor.
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