Lägg till ett stiligt återkopplingsformulär under dina inlägg eller inläggstyper och ställ en enkel fråga till dina besökare: Var detta till hjälp?
Tillägget låter dem rösta ja eller nej. Om det inte är tillräcklig kan du i din lista med inlägg se en översikt över ja- och nej-röster. Med den inbyggda widgeten för adminpanelen hittar du det du behöver veta så snart du loggat in. Ändra enkelt temat för formuläret eller lägg till egen css bland inställningarna.

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Demo: (German)
Documentation: (English)
Github: Helpful


  1. fullt utbytbara texter och frågor
  2. inaktivering för användare som redan röstat
  3. simple feedback form after vote
  4. statistik för sidor och anpassa inläggstyper
  5. stöd för anpassade inlägggstyper
  6. statistik i adminpanelen
  7. anpassad css
  8. 5 themes



  1. Ladda upp tilläggets filer till katalogen /wp-content/plugins/helpful eller installera tillägget direkt med hjälp av tilläggsskärmen i WordPress
  2. Aktivera tillägget på skärmen för tillägg i WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Helpful screen to configure the

Vanliga frågor

Can I show votes after voting?

You can. Simply use {pro} and {contra} in your texts to show the vote number.

Can I use my own CSS files?

You can. Choose theme as theme in the helpful options. Then create an helpful folder and an theme.css file in it. Fill the theme.css file with your CSS and you’re done.

Are there any shortcodes I can use?

You can. Just use the shortcode [helpful] to output Helpful.

Do I need to consider anything when reporting problems?

In WordPress you can click on Tools, Site Health and then on Report. There should be a point Helpful. The information there might be useful for support.

Is AMP supported by the plugin?

I’m afraid not. Helpful does not support AMP because Helpful works with jQuery. If you know a solution, you are welcome to share it on Github.

I’m a programmer, can I help?

Sure. Helpful is now also available on Github. I will always update the code first and fix issues with Codacy. You are always welcome to help. Forke Helpful and start bullying!

Can I output the author of the post?

You can. Use {author} for it in your texts. The display_name of the author will then be used.

How can I change the Helpful theme?

Go to Design in the Helpful settings, or visit your WordPress Customizer. There you will find a Helpful menu item.

How can I reset a single post?

First you have to activate the Metabox in the Helpful settings. Once you have done this, a box will appear below the posts (in the admin area) where you can reset the post.

My feedback is not displayed, what can I do?

Switch to the Helpful settings and click on the System tab. There you will find the item Maintenance. Perform the maintenance once. Helpful will do the rest for you.



21 april 2022
Sorry, but the developer is a crooked-handed lamer. I'm using plugin about 2 years. For 3 times after updates my CSS settings were erased - and I had to make them new, after today's update Plugin made giant load of my sql with deleting from wp_helpful table. I don't know what exactly was deleted, but all my sites on the server were laying for 3 hours.
31 januari 2022
This is very good plugin and great, But in network I have a lot of database error WordPress database error Table 'x_db.wp_112_helpful_instances' doesn't exist for query ... I will back and change my rating and review when this problem fixed. Regards
16 december 2021
Was good until updated, then it deactived feeback altogether and I missed out on 3 months of feedback. Horrible.
30 november 2021
I must say, I am not normally this pleased with a plugin. It is exactly what I was looking for, as I use it on my product documentation pages on two websites. I'm very pleased.
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