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WordPress LMS Plugin – LearnPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress. This is one of the best WordPress LMS Plugins which can be used to easily create & sell courses online. You can create a course curriculum with lessons & quizzes included which is managed with an easy-to-use interface for users. Having this WordPress LMS Plugin, now you have a chance to quickly and easily create education, online school, online-course websites with no coding knowledge required.

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LearnPress is free and always will be, but it is still a premium high-quality WordPress Plugin that definitely helps you with making money from your WordPress based LMS. Also, LearnPress is highly recommended by WPML as the Learning Management System Plugin for Multilingual Sites. Just try and see how amazing it is. LearnPress WordPress Online Course plugin is lightweight and super powerful with lots of Add-Ons to empower its core system.

Highly recommended by LearnPress users, we are pleased to introduce you to our best Education WordPress Themes which have Premium LearnPress Add-Ons included already.

Eduma | Education WordPress Theme (#1 Selling Education WordPress Theme).
Coaching | Life & Fitness Coaching WordPress Theme (Rising Star).
Course Builder | Online Course WordPress Theme (Potential).


Take a look at Premium Online LMS & Education WordPress Themes that are developed to work perfectly with LearnPress LMS WordPress Plugin. These incredible WordPress Themes are the best for your Online LMS & Education websites using LearnPress with the clean and modern design. From more than 50 demos, you can easily chose the most suitable one which fits your purpose and customize it as your style.


LearnPress Mobile App is an LMS Mobile App for iOS & Android built with React Native Technology. If you have Online Education & LMS websites using WordPress Themes or LearnPress Plugin, LearnPress Mobile App supports you to convert your current websites to LMS Mobile App easily. Your LMS Mobile App will be on both App Store and Google Play Store. All courses will be synced immediately between your Online Education & LMS Website and your LMS Mobile App. This LMS Mobile App brings to your students a new learning experience when they can manage and track their courses as well as instructors.


Are you looking for the best LMS WordPress Plugin?

LearnPress features

LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin works with your Theme
We create LearnPress LMS Plugin to work with any WordPress Themes.

LearnPress supports WordPress Multisite
Create WordPress based LMS as a multi-site.

Create course
LearnPress LMS Plugin provides an excellent user interface for online courses creating with any options you need. You can find it easy to make a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it.
You can also export and import your courses to another website using LearnPress.

Manage course
With the course you’ve created, you can share it, manage it, watch statistic about the number of students, trends, etc.

Sälj kurser
LearnPress är gratis men det låter dig ändå sälja dina kurser med en rad olika debiteringsmetoder, såsom PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, m.m.

Communicate with your students
BuddyPress makes it easier for you to communicate with your students or instructors via the WordPress forum. Studying, making friends and having fun.

Det finns flera olika utökningar till LearnPress
Utökningarna ger LearnPress extra funktioner och du kan också skriva egna utökningar för olika ändamål.

LearnPress is free and always will be
Education should be free and we want you to bring it to as many people as you can. Therefore, we create LearnPress as a tool for you to create online course and share it. We’ll continue to develop it as long as we can and make it better and better.

LearnPress is actively developed
We are developing and improving LearnPress day by day and bringing you more new features cos we want LearnPress to become the best WordPress LMS plugin.

LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin Documentation

Free Add-ons for LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

Premium add-ons for LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

LearnPress har översatts till följande språk

  1. Engelska
  2. Franska
  3. Indonesiska
  4. Italienska
  5. Tyska
  6. Polska
  7. Ryska
  8. Holländska (Nederländerna)
  9. Spanska (Costa Rica)
  10. Spanska
  11. Spanska (Mexiko)
  12. Spanska (Venezuela)
  13. Indonesiska
  14. Kinesiska

WordPress LMS Plugin – LearnPress ROADMAP

  • Payment Method support (first priority)
    • Google Checkout
    • Amazon Payments
    • Dwolla
    • Braintree
    • Samurai av FeeFighters
    • WePay
  • Händelser
  • Share Grade
  • BadgeOS
  • Create quiz from random questions in question bank (DONE)
  • Attach restriction to lesson
  • Presentation support (maybe support SlideShare)
  • Student ranks
  • REST API for mobile app (DONE)
  • Läge för inga störningar (när prov genomförs)
  • Rapportera/återkoppla om en fråga/ett prov/en lektion
  • Commission for payment …


  • Läroplan - dra-och-släpp lektion eller prov.
  • Lektionsinnehåll.
  • Förhandsgranska prov.
  • Allmänna inställningar.
  • Inställningar för prov.
  • E-postinställningar.
  • Sida för demokurs.
  • Add-ons of LearnPress.


From your WordPress dashboard
1. Visit ’Plugin > Add new’.
2. Search for ’LearnPress’.
3. Activate LearnPress from your Plugins page.

From WordPress.org
1. Search, select and download LearnPress.
2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard.

Vanliga frågor

Vad är LearnPress?

LearnPress is a plugin for LMS website to spread out courses and sell courses online.

Where can I find LearnPress documentation and user guides?

If you want to use LearnPress to build a Learning Management System website, please refer to our user guides in LearnPress official site.
And if you want to extend or use LearnPress, see our Wiki.

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get troubles when using LearnPress you can ask for help on the LearnPress Support Forum or join the private Facebook group. You could share your feedback about LearnPress. And let us know which feature you want us to build next.

For help with premium add-ons, use our helpdesk.

Where can I ask for new features, suggest new ideas or new themes for LearnPress?

You can send us your thoughts through via email: support@thimpress.com

Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

You can also report bugs on LearnPress Support Forum or LearnPress Github Repository.

Where can I find the REST API documentation?

You can find the REST API documentation here.

LearnPress is great, can I contribute to it?

Yes, you can and we appreciate it. Join in our Github Repository.

LearnPress Translation project


10 januari 2024 1 svar
I installed Learnpress on my WordPress site few weeks ago.As soon as I did it, a lot of spam new users started to sign up. That is a bit annoying, because those are fake users and I get emails every single time a new user signs up. Despite disabling the sign up function and hiding that page, how can I delete this feature completely?I don’t want to accidentally delete another important file. Could you please tell me how to delete the sign up file without affecting my current user (the administrator) and install an antispam plugin?Thank you very much in advance!
4 januari 2024
I am new to using Learnpress and have found it really great so far. I love what I can create with it. Our first course is entitled Beyond Biodiversity Net Gain. We are just about to launch and I ran into an important problem that I couldn't figure out how to resolve by myself. I am based in Spain so I noted the time difference that is stated on the support area and by doing that, I was able to get very quick responses from Louisa. Once she had the information I could supply her, she resolved my really important issue in no time at all. I feel very grateful to her and the team at Learnpress. I have used other great products that a poor support system lets down, over the years. Learnpress is a great product with a superb support system. I am loving using it so far. Many thanks.
5 december 2023
Even without having the paid plugin, they provided support for a problem we encountered. Quick and to the point. I recommend them!
4 december 2023
I have some years using the plugins, Its works very well, and they have been give me a good support when I have needed
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Ändringslogg (2024-02-20)

~ Fixed: missing translate on ”html_count_student” function.
~ Fixed: missing translate on profile avatar function.
~ Fixed: error when only has a payment method, will be not show payment form.
~ Fixed: error widget list courses elementor with theme override content-course.php.
~ Fixed: course query filter with polylang.

4.2.6 (2024-01-29)

~ Tweak: courses js.
~ Tweak: course filter js.
~ Added: some class has -no-css for purpose not set style on this class.
~ Added: fake student on count students show on list courses.
~ Added: get_tags function for single courses.
~ Tweak: checkout js, not use serializeJSON() of JQuery.
~ Added: defer js some script.
~ Fixed: add param lang if exist for loadAjax.
~ Added: option ”Class of list courses want to filter” on the Widget Filter Courses.
~ Added: icon drag material.
~ Remove callback hook learn-press/before-courses-loop-item, learn-press/after-courses-loop-item.
~ Fixed: code searching post by taxonomies make error block Woocommerce. (2024-01-09)

~ Added: show notification addons bought near expire support.
~ Fixed: error ”Fib in blank” question case duplicate, when submit quiz wrong result.
~ Fixed widget course filter: error WPML handle wrong if link send not param lang. (2023-12-25)

~ Fixed: security.
~ Fixed: translate some text.
~ Tweak: layout list courses, set hooks for override, will soon stop support override template file.
~ Fixed: clear cache quiz question_ids when add/remove/delete/clone question on the quiz.
~ Added: code use for flutter. (2023-12-06)

~ Added: new feature ”Assign/Unassign Courses” on the Tools Backend.
~ Added: courses filter support multiple language.
~ Dev: widget elementor filter courses.
~ Dev: widget elementor list courses.
~ Fixed: save sale price. (2023-11-24)

~ Tweak: logic load Widget Filter Courses.
~ Dev: assign/unassign course to user.
~ Fixed: error still show price when user has bought course but not start course.
~ Fixed: search suggest courses on Widget Filter Courses.
~ Fixed: not call function calculate price when edit course with user is instructor. (2023-11-16)

~ Fixed: security issue.
~ Added: new feature Statistic on the Backend.
~ Fixed: minor bug material.
~ Added: strategy defer/async for some script (WP 6.3 or higher will run).
~ Fixed: label ’Free’ not show on the single free course.
~ Fixed: error sanitize key, make certificate can’t save. (2023-11-07)

~ Fixed: security issue.
~ Tweak: display Category for filter courses.
~ Added: attribute disable if filter count = 0.
~ Tweak: widgets.js use fetch instead of wp.apiFetch.
~ Added: page tool clear cache. (2023-11-02)

~ Fixed: security issue.
~ Tweak: only show 1 level categories right behind cate parent, on the widget ”Course Filter”.
~ Added: method count students enrolled of course.
~ Added: method count courses free.
~ Added: cache for count. (2023-10-27)

~ Fixed: security issue.
~ Fixed: miss hook start quiz, retake quiz.
~ Fixed: minor bug material.
~ Fixed: error same course when access any single course.
~ Fixed: error don’t hide info price/free when user enrolled course. (2023-10-24)

~ Fixed: security issue.
~ Compatible with WP 6.4.

4.2.5 (2023-10-19)

~ Tweak: start quiz, retake quiz.
~ Tweaks: icon social.
~ Fixed: error font Arabic when export invoice.
~ Fixed: minus point when skip question.
~ Fixed: error duplicate message ”out of stock” on the single course.
~ Fixed: error not show material of lesson.
~ Fixed: error set 0 to not show material.

4.2.4 (2023-10-03)

~ Fixed: error Paypal Standard (use IPN), replace to use API REST, client ID, client secret.
~ Clean resource.
~ Check load Widget Elementor on hooks plugins_loaded.
~ Tweak: load Curriculum when edit course, query on Frontend.
~ Tweak: layout single instructor.
~ Fixed: error set Section Per Page = 0 or < -1.
~ Fixed: error set load curriculum item = 0.
~ Tweak: logic create/delete user_item. (2023-09-18)

~ Tweak: display Date Time, time zone by format of WP.
~ Fixed: count Progress course on the Single Item.
~ Fixed: current item active on the Curriculum.
~ Fixed: error not show price course when user repurchase course. (2023-09-14)

~ Tweak: checkout.
~ Fixed: case start quiz but user_item_id = 0.
~ Added: dynamic tag Course for Elementor.
~ Tweak: breadcrumb.
~ Set 404 if user not login, view page single instructor/no-slug-instructor.
~ Fixed: expire date, end date format i18n on Profile Page. (2023-08-24)

~ Fixed: error when use same namespace class JWT library, with some plugin like Google Listings and Ads. (2023-08-08)

~ Added: feature choose type Pagination when load courses on page Archive: navigation Number, Load more, Infinite scroll.
~ Added: feature ”Downloadable Materials”, manager can upload files document for each course, lesson, so student can download it.
~ Fixed: error with WPML, show wrong list courses with lang.
~ Fixed: sidebar Course Filter show wrong with Firefox.
~ Fixed: error fonts tiny with theme OceanWP.
~ Fixed: error 404 when view item’s course with Polylang.
~ Fixed: SEO, show title of Category & Tag of Courses.
~ Tweak: checkout function. (2023-07-19)

~ Added: widget filter courses, option enable fields want to filter, sort fields, option load widget on REST.
~ Added: Search course suggest (AJAX).
~ Added: shortcode filter courses [learn_press_filter_course].
~ Fixed: error install/update Addon. (2023-07-05)

~ Fixed: Security.
~ Item Course: completed, display Date Time by format WP.
~ Tweak: message of LearnPress.
~ Fixed: function “Add course to Order manual”

4.2.3 (2023-07-03)

~ Added: page list instructors.
~ Added: page single instructor.
~ Added: option set number instructor per page.
~ Added: shortcode show list instructors [learn_press_instructors].
~ Added: shortcode show single instructor [learn_press_single_instructor].
~ Auto add shortcode if page is list instructors or single instructor, if enable Elementor will not auto add.
~ Added: Widgets For Elementor: list instructors, instructor title, instructor description.
~ Added: Template default for list instructors on path ”config/elementor/template-default”, can import via Elementor.
~ Tweak: Widgets For Elementor: list courses, become a teacher, login form, register form.
~ Profile: added tab My Courses, display course attend of User.
~ Profile: tab My Courses, display statistic: total course enrolled, course in-progress, course finish, course passed, course failed.
~ Profile: tweak tab Courses, display course created by User (Admin, Instructor).
~ Profile: tab Courses, display statistic: total course created, course publish, course pending, total student, student in-progress.
~ Tweak: set default section_per_page, course_item_per_page = -1 to load full.
~ Added: format_human_time_diff method.
~ Tweak: get cart from session.
~ Check: $course->get_instructor() is null.
~ Added: hook do_action( ’lp/order-completed/update/user-item’, $item, $order ), for case buy item not course.
~ Added: hook do_action( ’lp/order-pending/update/user-item’, $item, $order ), for case buy item not course.
~ Added: nest_elements, print_sections methods on class Template, for easy override template without override file.
~ Tweak: statistic student/instructor on profile page.
~ Added: method ”count_courses_of_author” instead ”count_courses_publish_of_author”
~ Tweak: method ”count_status_by_items”
~ Profile: added text ”upload” translate on localize script.
~ Apply: add internal scripts to head on page List Instructors.
~ Fixed: error buy item with Guest, order is no item.
~ Fixed: Security Broken Access Control.
~ Added: hook login/register of WP on page LP Checkout for plugin captcha display.
~ Fixed: error 404 function comment on the lesson. (2023-04-04)

~ Compatible theme Gutenberg.
~ Compatible WP 6.2.
~ Fixed: auto add shortcode Profile.
~ Show notification: Addons has new version.
~ Fixed: error buy with Guest display pending Order.
~ Tweak: shortcode learn_press_button_course.
~ Fixed: error display title on mobile app.
~ Lesson: stop support post-formats. (2023-03-21)

~ Fixed: some error with Profile, LP_Profile_Tabs class.
~ Fixed: make some page builder like: elementor, visual composer work incorrect.
~ Remove implements ArrayAccess of LP_Query_List_Table class (to compatible with PHP8.1). (2023-03-09)

~ Fixed: permalink item 404 when install ”YoastSeo” plugin.
~ Fixed: error not show tab Avatar on Profile Page.
~ Modified: rewrite rules. (2023-03-03)

~ Fixed: error link course with ’%course_category%’, on screen list courses Backend.
~ Fixed: some theme load only course on Archive Course Page.
~ Fixed: error not save basic info on Profile page.
~ Fixed: url current has symbol like الاعدادات.
~ Fixed: error not show message when save info Profile.

4.2.2 (2023-03-01)

~ Optimized performance.
~ Optimize: rewrite ”add_rewrite_rules” method, only call on ”admin_init” hook.
~ Optimize: flush_rewrite_rules only when save settings.
~ Optimize: not call get_available_payment_gateways on hook ’wp_loaded’.
~ Optimize: not call learn_press_get_current_profile_tab on hook ’init’.
~ Optimize: add thim_cache table for cache (apply for site not install plugin Object Cache – or cache not working).
~ Optimize: set/get/clear cache for count total students enrolled.
~ Optimize: set/get/clear cache user_course (user_items) data.
~ Optimize: only load class REST when call on url of API.
~ Optimize: modified set cookie session for user Guest(user not login).