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Mage Google Maps


Automatically display Google Maps with multiple location markers in your category/archive or single marker maps on single pages via addresses from custom fields on posts or custom post types.

Newest Features

You can now preview the map from the add/edit screens of corresponding post types.

Features Include

  • Create Single Maps with simple address entry
  • OR make automatic map address markers from post type content
  • Display using super simple Widgets and Shortcodes
  • Simply add Map to sidebar, any post types and custom taxonomy archives
  • Auto shifts from multi-address or single-address display based placement
  • Change any default settings and behaviour simply in admin options
  • Easily change width, height and designs of any maps
  • Customize Zoom, User Interface and more without any coding
  • Custom Post Type & Taxonomy Compatible
  • Choose what content a Map should take an address from with a click

Simple Map Shortcode

Display your Google Map anywhere using the [map] shortcode and choose a default address if not address is found in content from the plugin options, or simply type one using address, for example: [map address=”Mountain View, CA”].

Choose Auto Map Marker creation from plugin settings, choose posts, pages and/or any custom post types and custom fields you want to use.


  • Snapshot of Restaurant Girl with auto map display from archive posts.
  • Singl Map auto display on Dogsniffer from listing address meta.

Vanliga frågor

Installation Instructions
  1. Extract and Upload Content of to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  1. Search ’mage maps’ through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Install ’Mage Google Maps’ from search results.
Static Map Display

Display your Google Map anywhere using the widget or [map] shortcode and choose a default address if not address is found in content from the plugin options, or simply type one using address, for example: [map address=”Mountain View, CA”].

Address Field Order Priority

Mage Google Maps retrieves the address in the following order, until an address value is returned and not empty.
* The address parameter in the shortcode, or address field when using the widget. For Auto-Displaying of addresses, these should be left empty.
* When displayed on selected Post Types, both shortcode and widget will take address data from the fields specified on the Address Data settings page.
* Lastly, if no address data is received from the above options, Mage Google Maps will use the Default Address option as a fallback.

Multi-Address Archives

Whenever the [map] shortcode or widget are on an archive page, Mage Google Maps will attempt to crawl all archive items and add a map marker for each supported post type with an address.


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  • Map should now display multi-locations correctly when on an archive / blog, and display a single address when on a single page.
  • You can now enable clickable map markers that link to the posts page, when displaying the map on an archive.
  • Option to upload your own custom map marker as the default map marker.
  • Mage Maps widget now works properly again
  • General improvements


  • Mage Maps is now compatible with Mage Reviews and Mage Forms again.
  • Added a Google Maps API Key field to use if desired.




Preview Map on Add / Edit Post Types


New Dashboard and Fixes


Minor Bug fix and core library updates