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nBlocks – Responsive Gutenberg News Blocks


nBlocks is a Gutenberg compatible plugin that provides multiple responsive block elements for displaying WordPress posts. With this plugin, you can easily filter posts by author, date, category, and sort them using various variables.

Arbitrary section

nBlocks does not come with any predefined styling, making it compatible with any WordPress theme. However, it has been optimized for the News Publication Theme, which follows a 12-column structure.

Being Gutenberg compatible, nBlocks allows you to design your pages directly within the default WordPress editor.

The news cards provided by nBlocks are optimized for mobile viewing, featuring 2-column layouts that enable the display of more content compared to the usual 1-column layout for mobile devices.

nBlocks currently offers 10 news card blocks:

  • Tiny News Blocks – 4 Column Layout

  • Medium News Blocks – 4 Column Layout

  • Medium News Blocks – 3 Column Layout

  • Full Row News Block – 1 Column Layout

  • Text Only News Block – 4 Column Layout

  • Text Only News Block – 3 Column Layout

  • Sidebar News Block – 1 Column Layout

  • Large Single News Block – Featured Layout

  • Large Multiple News Blocks – Featured Layout

  • Large Center Featured News Blocks – Featured Layout

A whole lot more blocks and customization options coming soon!


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  • nBlocks Responsive Gutenberg News Blocks Display blog posts in multiple pre-designed responsive mobile-ready layouts. Filter by author, date, category and sort through a number of variables.


  1. Upload the nblocks folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the nBlocks plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  3. Customize your posts display using the available blocks in the Gutenberg editor.


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