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Upload PDFs and embed them straight into your site – just like adding images! PDFs will be automatically sized to their natural size and shape (or just fill the width available if they are too big). Optionally, you can specify a width and the correct height will be calculated automatically. The shape will be recalculated whenever the page is resized by the user.

The plugin has a unique method for embedding PDFs, using Javascript only, and not using iframes or third-party services. This gives a lot of flexibility over the appearance of your document.

The free viewer currently has Next/Prev buttons to page through the document, and zoom buttons.

PDFs are embedded within your existing WordPress pages so we have full control over appearance, and all Javascript and other files are served by your own server (not by Google or any other third-party who may not be able to guarantee their own reliability).

Even if other plugins use similar technology, they will insert the PDF itself into an ’iframe’ which means they do not get the flexibility over sizing.

There is no button for users to download the PDF in the free version of the plugin, but this is available in the Premium versions along with other extra features.
Hyperlinks in your PDF will only be clickable in the Premium versions.


Once installed and Activated, click Add Media from any page or post, just like adding an image, but drag and drop a PDF file instead.

When you insert into your post, it will appear in the editor as a ’shortcode’ as follows:

[pdf-embedder url=’https://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Plan-Summary.pdf’]

You can change the default appearance – e.g. width, and toolbar position/appearance through Settings -> PDF Embedder.

To override your site-wide defaults on an individual embed, see the Plugin Instructions for information about sizing options plus other ways to customize the shortcodes.

Extra Premium-funktioner

Funktioner som finns i Premium-versionerna:

  • Download button in the toolbar
  • Continuous scroll between pages
  • Hyperlänkar är fullt funktionella
  • Fullskärmsläge
  • Redigera sidnummer för att hoppa direkt till sidan
  • Spåra antal nedladdningar och visningar
  • Removes wp-pdf.com attribution from the toolbar
  • Mobilvänlig
  • Secure option – difficult to download original PDF

Se wp-pdf.com för detaljer!

Mobile-friendly embedding using PDF Embedder Premium

The free version of the plugin should work on most mobile browsers, but it will be cumbersome for users with small screens – it is difficult to position the document entirely within the screen, and your users’ fingers may catch the entire browser page when they’re trying only to move about the document…

Our PDF Embedder Premium plugin solves this problem with an intelligent ’full screen’ mode.
When the document is smaller than a certain width, the document displays only as a ’thumbnail’ with a large ’View in Full Screen’ button for the user to click when they want to study your document.
This opens up the document so it has the full focus of the mobile browser, and the user can move about the document without hitting other parts of the web page by mistake. Click Exit to return to the regular web page.

The user can also touch and scroll continuously between all pages of the PDF which is much easier than clicking the next/prev buttons to navigate.

Se vår webbplats wp-pdf.com för mer detaljer och köpalternativ.

Protect your PDFs with our secure premium version

Our PDF Embedder Premium Secure plugin provides the same simple but elegant viewer as the premium version, with the added protection that it is difficult for users to
download or print the original PDF document.

Det betyder att din PDF inte kommer att delas ut utanför din webbplats där du inte har någon kontroll över vem som tittar, skriver ut eller delar den.

Optionally add a watermark containing the user’s name or email address to discourage sharing of screenshots.

Se vår webbplats wp-pdf.com för mer detaljer och köpalternativ.


Our PDF-miniatyrer plugin provides automatically generates fixed image versions of all PDF files in your Media Library, to use on your site as you wish.

You can use them as featured images in posts containing an embedded version of the PDF, or as a visual clickable link to download the PDF directly.
It also displays the thumbnail as the ‘icon’ for the PDF in the Media Library, making it easy for authors to locate the PDFs they need to insert in a post.

Se vår webbplats wp-pdf.com/thumbnails/ för mer detaljer och köpalternativ.

Now translation-ready!

Vänligen bidra med din översättning.

Persian translation by Mostafa Safarian i of سئو

French translation by Thierry Gaillou of JDFitForme

Spanish translation by Armando Landois of LANDOIS Diseño

With thanks to the Mozilla team for developing the underlying pdf.js technology used by this plugin.


  • Uploaded PDF is displayed within your page/post at the correct size to fit.
  • User hovers over document to see Next/Prev page butons.
  • Settings can change appearance of the viewer, including size


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Enklaste sättet:

  1. Go to your WordPress admin control panel’s plugin page
  2. Search for ’PDF Embedder’
  3. Klicka installera
  4. Click Activate on the plugin

If you cannot install from the WordPress plugins directory for any reason, and need to install from ZIP file:

  1. Upload directory and contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or upload the ZIP file directly in
    the Plugins section of your WordPress admin
  2. Följ instruktionerna från steg 4 ovan

Vanliga frågor

Hur kan jag få stöd för denna produkt?

We have instructions and a Knowledge Base on our website explaining common setup queries and issues.

Please feel free to email contact@wp-pdf.com with any questions.

Always include your full shortcode, plus links to the relevant pages, and screenshots if they would be helpful too.

We may occasionally be able to respond to support queries posted on the ’Support’ forum here on the wordpress.org plugin page, but we recommend sending us an email instead if possible.

How can I change the Size or customize the Toolbar?

See Settings -> PDF Embedder in your WordPress admin to change site-wide defaults. You can also override individual embeds by modifying the shortcode.

Resizing works as follows:

  • If width=’max’ the width will take as much space as possible within its parent container (e.g. column within your page).
  • If width is a number (e.g. width=’500′) then it will display at that number of pixels wide.

In all cases, if the parent container is narrower than the width calculated above, then the document width will be reduced to the size of the container.

The height will be calculated so that the document fits naturally, given the width already calculated.

The Next/Prev toolbar can appear at the top or bottom of the document (or both), and it can either appear only when the user hovers over the document or it can be fixed at all times.

See the Plugin Instructions for more details about sizing and toolbar options.

Premium feature list

Funktioner som finns i premiumversionerna av tillägget:

  • Download button in the toolbar
  • Continuous scroll between pages
  • Hyperlänkar är fullt funktionella
  • Full screen mode
  • Redigera sidnummer för att hoppa direkt till sidan
  • Track number of downloads and views
  • Removes wp-pdf.com attribution from the toolbar
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Secure option – difficult to download original PDF

Se wp-pdf.com för detaljer!

Can I improve the viewing experience for mobile users?

Yes, our PDF Embedder Premium plugin has an intelligent ’full screen’ mode.
When the document is smaller than a certain width, the document displays only as a ’thumbnail’ with a large ’View in Full Screen’ button for the user to click when they want to study your document.
This opens up the document so it has the full focus of the mobile browser, and the user can move about the document without hitting other parts of the web page by mistake.
Click Exit to return to the regular web page.

Se vår webbplats wp-pdf.com för mer detaljer och köpalternativ.

Can I protect my PDFs so they are difficult for viewers to download directly?

Not with the free or (regular) premium versions – it is relatively easy to find the link to download the file directly.

A secure premium version is available that encrypts the PDF during transmission, so it is difficult for a casual user to save or print the file for use outside your site.

See our website wp-pdf.com for more details and purchase options.

Can I add a Download button to the toolbar?

This is possible only in the Premium version. As a workaround in the free version, you could add a direct link to the PDF beneath the embedded version.

To do this, copy the URL from the pdf-embedder shortcode and insert it into a link using HTML such as this:
<a href=”(url of PDF)”>Download Here</a>

Stöds hyperlänkar?

The Premium versions allow functioning hyperlinks – both internal links within the document, and links to external websites.

Can I remove the wp-pdf.com link from the viewer toolbar?

The easiest way is to upgrade to our Premium version, but if you know how to add entries to your database then you can add a line to the wp_options table
with option_name ’pdfemb_poweredby’ and option_value ’1’.

För mer information om premiumversioner besök wp-pdf.com.


2 september, 2019
After trying several ways to incorporate a pdf registration form into my website, I finally succeeded with PDF Embedder. It was easy! Love this plugin and also PDF Thumbnails. I have always experienced quick and thorough support from them.
17 juli, 2019
La versión gratuita es bastante mala, si bien es super útil para usarlo y no presenta inconvenientes a nivel programación. Su presentación visual para gratuito es deficiente. No tiene posibilidades de adaptar el tamaño y menos manejar bordes y demás. Que ponga su marca de agua está genial, y si es gratuito perfecto; pero debería ser más flexible porque si yo quiero comprarlo no tengo nada. Su forma de usar es horrible, no tiene explicación clara ni accesible. En fin, como último recurso está barbaro.
21 juni, 2019
Work great if you have a simple page that isn't trying to do too much. It seems to have issues loading a PDF on the same page as Slider Revolution. The main issue is that it leaves a gap the size of the document rather than leaving it out and it's intermittent which made it a nightmare to troubleshoot. Other than that works fine.
12 juni, 2019
I can recommend this wonderful plugin to all 🙂 Embeded document is clean, good looking. I had some issues and support quickly helped me out... Many thanks!
6 juni, 2019
I had a few problems initially with WP-PDF Embedder, but the support I got from Emma was fantastic. Everything working like a dream now! The support made all the difference to what could have been a very frustrating experience 🙂 Kisane
31 maj, 2019
Plug in itself was OK. I started using it a few versions back when the interface was still a bit raggedy. I upgraded to the pro. However the problems come if you ever want to change the way you use it, or worse still, stop using it. NO SELECTIVE USE The plug in allows for no easy on/off per pdf. There came a point when i needed to haver some pdfs on my site that were displayed as just links, not the full viewer. You can't do that, even in the pro version. In that particular situation it was a dealbreaker for me, so i decided to look for an alternative. UNINSTALL CHAOS Worst of it is that there is no way to uninstall the viewer without leaving chaos behind it through broken shortlinks. There is no way (within the product) of listing where it is displaying the pdfs, no way of switching back to the standard uploaded pdf format - something that would take an extra few lines of code. I would have to use a third party tool to find out where the shortcode is displayed, and then manually re-upload hundreds of pdfs. It grinds my gears when developers don't think of the uninstall, or of course they do think about it, but purposefully decide not to make it easy to discourage people from leaving. Very nice friendly reply from the developer when i asked about uninstalling, but he wasn't 'sorry' as he claimed, if he was sorry he wouldn't have set it up this way.
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Fixed code for policy compatibility


Fixed Scrollbar issues with Firefox and iOS devices. Improved compatibility


Fixed script problem on some Gutenberg editor installations. Improved compatibility


Added compatibility for WordPress 5.2.1


Fixed general bug & added compatibility


Added compatibility for WordPress 5.2.1


Added compatibility with Gutenberg Editor


Updated version of underlying pdf.js library, fixes some rendering bugs.

Recalculates fresh viewer size more often in response to resize events. Previous versions attempted to increase performance by only recalculating viewer size when it had changed, but this missed some required resizing after Javascript-based tabs are clicked.

Fixed some issues with zoom appearance.

Mouse scroll wheel is now more consistent across all browsers (in terms of scroll speed).

When scrollbars are always visible, no longer cuts off edge of PDF underneath.


Klar för kompatibilitet med WordPress 4.8.

New mouse wheel scrolling in Firefox wasn’t working with some themes.

Latest version of pdf.js library, and newest code bringing the free version into line with the premium versions.

Mouse wheel scrolling in Firefox no longer also scrolls the window unless at very top or bottom of page.


Latest version of pdf.js library, and newest code bringing the free version into line with the premium versions.

Improved responsiveness and redraw of pages.

Plugin now respects the SCRIPT_DEBUG flag in wp-config.php and displays non-minified versions of the JS files if this is set to true.
Helps debugging any issues.


Latest version of pdf.js library to include recent rendering developments/fixes by the team.


Internal code refactoring. Added note that ’page turning arrows’ are now available in the premium versions.


Fix for a small number of PDFs rendering as smaller than expected on some high resolution screens.


Please clear browser and any WordPress cache if you experience any problems following this upgrade.

Bättre stöd för högupplösta skärmar.

Improved SEO for embedded PDFs (which are now links initially before Javascript converts them into the interactive view).
This also ensures the PDFs are accessible to users even if Javascript problems cause your site to break.

Kompatibelt med WordPress 4.6.

Added a filter named my_pdfemb_override_send_to_editor that means the shortcode generation can be turned off if desired.

Uses latest version of pdf.js library for rendering PDFs.

Toolbar buttons have type=”button” attribute to avoid conflicts with some other plugins.

Spanish translation contributed by Armando Landois.

Added pdfemb_filter_shortcode_attrs filter so developers can change default shortcode parameters through code.


Fixes for right-to-left languages.


Added French translation thanks to Thierry Gaillou of JDFitForme.
Uses newer version of pdf.js library for rendering PDFs.


Uses latest version of pdf.js library for rendering PDFs.
Options page tidied up.


Some settings were difficult to change on multisite installs.


Code placeholders for opening links – available only in premium versions.
Updated languages.


Code placeholders for tracking views/downloaders – available only in premium versions.
Updated languages.


Now translation-ready! Your language contributions are welcome.
Compatibility with WordPress 4.4

Contains information about new features in Premium version:
Functioning hyperlinks
Jump to page number


Better explanation of some error messages (e.g. attempt to access PDF on a different domain).
Forced white background by default – some Theme’s CSS would override.


’Download PDF’ button added to options, but function is only available in Premium versions.


Redesigned toolbar buttons


New version of PDF.js, fixes some PDF rendering bugs.


Obtains PDF over same transport (https/http) as host page, regardless of that specified in the shortcode url parameter. This avoids conflicts and failure to display PDF if the two don’t match.


Settings -> PDF Embedder page so you can now set site-wide defaults for width, height, and toolbar location/appearance.


Added zoom feature. Toolbars can be fixed instead of appearing on hover.


Fixed ’scrollbars’ in IE.


Fixed ’scrollbar’ issues.

Displays page number on toolbar (”Page 1/10”).

Added ’Loading…’ indicator.

Improved display of many PDFs (Added ’cmaps’ to the distribution).


Added compatibility.js to support some minor browsers, e.g. Safari which did not allow ranged downloads


Minified Javascript code. Default width/height (now ”max”) expands to fill parent container width regardless of the natural size of the document. Use width=”auto” to obtain the old behavior.


Lagt till användningsanvisningar på inställningssidan.


First version