Polylang allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. You write posts, pages and create categories and post tags as usual, and then define the language for each of them. The translation of a post, whether it is in the default language or not, is optional.

  • You can use as many languages as you want. RTL language scripts are supported. WordPress languages packs are automatically downloaded and updated.
  • You can translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widgets…
  • Anpassade inläggstyper, anpassade taxonomier, klistrade inlägg och inläggsformat, RSS-flöden och alla standardwidgetar i WordPress stöds.
  • Språket ställs antingen in av innehållet eller av språkkoden i URL:en, eller så kan du använda en annan underdomän eller domän per språk
  • Categories, post tags as well as some other metas are automatically copied when adding a new post or page translation
  • A customizable language switcher is provided as a widget or in the nav menu

The author does not provide support on the wordpress.org forum. Support and extra features are available to Polylang Pro users.

If you wish to migrate from WPML, you can use the plugin WPML to Polylang

If you wish to use a professional or automatic translation service, you can install Lingotek Translation, as an addon of Polylang. Lingotek offers a complete translation management system which provides services such as translation memory or semi-automated translation processes (e.g. machine translation > human translation > legal review).


Thanks a lot to all translators who help translating Polylang.
Thanks a lot to Alex Lopez for the design of the logo.
Most of the flags included with Polylang are coming from famfamfam and are public domain.
Wherever third party code has been used, credit has been given in the code’s comments.

Gillar du Polylang?

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  • The Polylang languages admin panel
  • The Strings translations admin panel
  • Flerspråkigt mediebibliotek
  • The Edit Post screen with the Languages metabox


  1. Se till att du använder WordPress 4.9 eller senare och att din server kör PHP 5.6 eller senare (samma krav som WordPress själv)
  2. Om du provat andra språktillägg, avaktivera dem innan du aktiverar Polylang. Annars kan du få oväntade resultat!
  3. Installera och aktivera tillägget som vanligt från menyn ”Tillägg” i WordPress.
  4. Gå till ”Språk” under ”Inställningarna” och skapa de språk du behöver
  5. Lägg till widgeten ”Språkväljaren” för att kunna göra det möjlig för dina besökare att byta språk.
  6. Se till att ditt tema innehåller motsvarande .mo-filer (Polylang hämtar dem för teman och tillägg som levereras via WordPress). Om ditt tema ännu inte är förberett för översättning ber vi dig studera Temahandboken, eller kontakta temats författare och be dem anpassa temat för översättning.

Vanliga frågor

Var hittar man hjälp?

Är Polylang kompatibel med WooCommerce?

  • Du behöver en separat utökning för att Polylang och WooCommerce ska fungera tillsammans. En Premium-utökning är tillgänglig.

Behöver du översättningstjänster?

  • Om du vill använda professionell, eller automatisk översättningstjänst, installera och aktivera tillägget Lingotek Translation.


6 juli, 2020
This is a great plugin for wordpress. It translates and give me the option to translate the website into different language. However, its also required to upload duplicated photos for translation, which double my space and files. The photos on language 1 couldnt be shown/used on language 2. If it give me an option to turn off the language of photos will be the BEST.
3 juli, 2020
This plugin really saves us a lot of time. Thanks a lot
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2.7.4 ( 2020-06-29)

  • Pro: Allow using our /untranslated-posts REST endpoint for non-public post types
  • Pro: Fix broken display in the block editor sidebar when a language has no flag
  • Pro: Fix SSO breaking the preview on secondary domains
  • Pro: Fix ACF translation option not working for term custom fields
  • Pro: Fix a styling issue in the fields group list table in ACF 5.9
  • Add Spanish from Puerto Rico to the predefined list of languages

2.7.3 (2020-05-26)

  • Security: Slash metas
  • Pro: Fix categories not savedafter the language has been switched in the block editor
  • Pro: Fix ACF fields stored as integers instead of strings
  • Pro: Fix ACF untranslated posts or terms being copied when creating a new translation
  • Pro: Fix PHP notice with ACF when a repeater or group is included in a flexible content
  • Pro: Fix ”DevTools failed to load SourceMap” warning in browser console
  • Update plugin updater to 1.7.1
  • Honor the filter ”pll_the_language_link” when the language switcher displays a dropdown #506
  • Fix ”Something went wrong” message when quick editing untranslated post types #508
  • Fix wpseo_opengraph deprecated warning #509

2.7.2 (2020-04-27)

  • Pro: Re-allow to modify the capability for strings translations
  • Pro: Fix redirect for posts having the same slug as a media
  • Pro: Fix PHP notice with ACF flexible content
  • Pro: Fix a fatal error with InfiniteWP
  • Update plugin updater to 1.7
  • Fix font in setup wizard

2.7.1 (2020-04-09)

  • Pro: Fix untranslated post types filtered by the parameter in the REST API #493
  • Fix fatal error when the function idn_to_ascii is not available
  • Fix PHP warning warning when a 3rd party plugin declares options not stored in DB in wpml-config.xml #492
  • Fix fatal error when a 3rd party plugin declares options stored as objects in wpml-config.xml #494

2.7 (2020-04-06)

  • Minimum WordPress version is now 4.9
  • Pro: Strings translations can now be exported and imported (in PO format)
  • Pro: Allow to decide individually which ACF fields to copy or synchronize
  • Pro: Add action pll_inactive_language_requested
  • Pro; Fix fatal error in The Events Calendar compatibility when no language is defined yet
  • Pro: Fix bulk translate when a post has no language
  • Pro: Fix reusable block saved without language
  • Pro: Fix post requested by slug not filtered in REST API, when the slug is shared
  • Add a setup wizard
  • Add Swahili, Upper Sorbian, Sindhi and Spanish from Uruguay to the list of predefined languages
  • Add flags in the predefined list of languages
  • Allow to hide the metaboxes from the screen options
  • The deletion of the plugin’s data at uninstall is now controlled by a PHP constant instead of an option #456
  • Add parent in ajax response when selecting a term in autocomplete field #328
  • Add Vary: Accept-Language http header in home page redirect. Props @chesio #452
  • Improve performance to register/unregister WPML strings
  • Add support for the action wpml_switch_language
  • Add post_status to the list of accepted args of pll_count_posts()
  • Apply the filter pll_preferred_language in wp-login.php
  • Use filtered wrappers to create meta when creating media translations #231
  • Allow to translate the Twenty Seventeen header video Youtube url #460
  • Notices are now dismissed per site instead of per user #478
  • Fix terms not visible in the quick edit when only one language is defined and teh admin language filter is active
  • Fix post state not displayed for translations of the privacy policy page #395
  • Fix wildcards not correctly interpreted in wpml-config.xml
  • Fix product categories with special characters duplicated when importing WooCommerce products #474

See changelog.txt for older changelog