Say what?


An easy-to-use plugin that allows you to alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core, or plugin code. Simply enter the current string, and what you want to replace it with and the plugin will automatically do the rest!

The plugin’s available for forking and contribution over on GitHub

Kolla in Say What Pro för:

  • Hitta strängar – Om du inte har tillräckligt med tid eller kunskap för att hitta strängar i koden kan du enkelt ange ersättningssträngar med lättanvända funktioner för automatisk komplettering
  • Wildcard string replacements – replace individual words, or fragments across your whole site
  • Multi-lingual support – set different replacements for different languages on multi-lingual sites
  • Import/export features – Easy import/export of replacements through the user interface


You’re free to use this package for free, but if it makes it to your production environment please buy the world some trees.


  • Finding a string to replace
  • The admin screen - setting up a replacement
  • Resultatet


  • Installera det på samma sätt som vilket annat tillägg som helst
  • Aktivera det
  • Head over to Tools » Text changes and configure some string replacements

Vanliga frågor

Kan jag använda detta för att ändra vilken sträng som helst?

Du kan bara använda tillägget för att översätta strängar som är markerade för översättning.

Hur hittar jag strängen jag behöver översätta?

You can either have a guess, or checkout the plugin in question’s source code, translatable strings are generally wrapped in __(), _e(), _n(), or _x(), for example:

$foo = __('This is a translatable string', 'plugin-domain');

The article here shows some examples of what you’re looking for. Alternatively, the Pro version of the plugin provides a String Discovery mode which means you can search for strings on your site via autocomplete suggestions.

Finns det något stöd för att importera strängersättningar?

”Say What?” has preliminary support for exporting, and importing replacements via The following commands are currently

  • export – Exportera alla nuvarande strängersättningar.
  • import – Importera ersättningssträngar från en CSV-fil.
  • list – Export all current string replacements. Synonym for ’export’.
  • update – update string replacements from a CSV file.

See the GitHub homepage for examples.

Kan jag ange olika ersättningssträngar för olika språk?

Not in the free plugin, however this is available in the Pro version of the plugin


29 augusti, 2020
First of all, we cannot judge the functionality of the product, as it has never been used. This evaluation refers only to the developer's dealings with customers. Therefore we also award three stars instead of one, because we hypothetically assume that the product itself works and does what it is supposed to do. The invoice issued is unfortunately unusable for non-UK tax authorities and was rejected by our authority. Not only are the necessary details for tax authorities missing, the invoice is only available as an e-mail and not - as is usually the case - as a PDF. In one word: unusable. Our request regarding a properly issued invoice was not met in any way. The reaction is pure impudence. Say what Pro was immediately removed from our system and will never be used again, as we cannot be sure that the manufacturer will not react just as dubiously in the event of a further support request. For B2B this supplier is unfortunately not recommended from our perspective. [Update: correction of header typo]
20 januari, 2020
It works like a charm but a little bit confused for me at first time. This is the rule. 1. It will be easy to replace some core wordpress word/phrase. Just fill in the original string and replacement string, ignore the other two. 2. Changing/replacing plugin text, it requires to fill in the text domain field. We need to find source code of the plugin and plugin editor can help us to so. So text domain text is as below. $foo = __('This is a translatable string', 'text-domain'); Just copy it and paste into the text domain field. Thanks for your great plugin.
24 december, 2019
I bought the pro version and am very happy with it. I works well and support was replying very fast even though it is around x-mas. Thanks!
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  • Fix link in documentation


  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • Changes to Treeware links


  • Ensure help links open in new windows


  • Fix link target in Treeware content


  • Suggest Treeware donations


  • Update information about Pro features


  • Fix issue adding more strings after downgrade from Pro
  • Update text domain of plugin to match guidelines to aid translations


  • Documentation updates only


  • Update plugin links, include settings and upgrade link
  • Update documentation about pro features
  • Admin styling fixes


  • Fix issues where entities could be double encoded on admin screens.


  • Update to admin marketing message. No functional changes.


  • Support for _n() and _nx()
  • Support for multi-line strings


Introduce filters that allows back compatibility for plugins that change their text-domain. Props Pippin Williamson


Avoid warnings on initial activation.
Avoid issues where strings contain HTML / entities


Add info box about Pro version


Support for WP-CLI import and export.


Swap database to UTF-8 to fix problems entering non-ASCII strings.


Fix incorrect escaping on the admin screens.


Fix initial DB table creation
Fix translations for strings with no domain


Allow strings with context to be replaced


Documentation improvements


Avoid wpdb->prepare warning
Minor admin fixes, don’t double translate strings


Fix issue with fields being swapped when first entered


Beta ready for testing and feedback