Simple Page Ordering


Sortera dina sidor, hierarkiska anpassade inläggstyper eller andra anpassade inläggstyper som stöder ”page-attributes” med ett enkelt ”dra och släpp”-gränssnitt direkt från den inbyggda listan för sidor.

Dra och släpp sidan till önskad position. Det är så enkelt. Inga nya adminmenysidor, inga klumpiga eller tillagda användargränssnitt. Bara dra och släpp på vyn för sidor eller inläggstyper.

The plug-in is ”capabilities aware” – only users with the ability to edit others’ pages (editors and administrators) will be able to reorder content.

Integrerad hjälp ingår: klicka bara på fliken ”Hjälp” högst upp till höger i vyn.

Observera att tillägget inte är kompatibelt med Internet Explorer 7 och tidigare, på grund av begränsningar i dessa webbläsare.


Delta gärna i utvecklingen på GitHub.


  • Sidan dras till dess nya position
  • Bearbetningsindikator


  1. Installera antingen via tilläggskatalog eller genom att ladda upp filerna till din server.
  2. Aktivera tillägget via menyn ”Tillägg” i WordPress.
  3. Kom igång med att sortera om ditt innehåll!

Vanliga frågor

Varför kan jag inte sortera om mina inlägg?

Generiska inlägg visas inte efter menysortering – de visas i kronologi. Du kan teoretiskt lägga till menysortering till inlägg i din kod (via ditt temas functions.php eller i ett tillägg) genom att använda:

add_post_type_support( 'post', 'page-attributes' );

Kan jag få min anpassade inläggstyp att dra fördel av detta tillägg?

Yep. When you register the post type, include the page-attributes feature in the support list. This will add a Sort by Order option to the filter links above the drop downs. Once you sort by order, you can drag and drop the content.

'supports' => array( 'title', 'editor', 'page-attributes' ),

Alternativt, när du registrerar inläggstypen, ställ in hierarchical till true – hierarkiska inläggstyper sorteras naturligt efter menysortering.

You can also take advantage of the simple_page_ordering_is_sortable filter, which passes the result of the default check and the post type name, to override default behavior.

Jag vill att min icke-hierarkiska inläggstyp ska vara sorterbar. Hjälp!

Se de två föregående svaren – lägg bara till page-attributes i listan över stödda funktioner för inläggstypen.

Jag ändrade ordning på mina inlägg, men ordningen ändrades inte på front-end av min webbplats!

This plug-in doesn’t change any behavior on the front end, it simply changes the menu order stored in WordPress.

If you want a list of pages or custom post types to display in that defined order, you must change the post query’s orderby parameter to menu_order (if it’s not already).

Jag ändrade ordning på mitt innehåll, det verkade fungera, men när jag uppdaterade återgick det till den gamla ordningen!

This most likely means the AJAX request – the server side code – failed after you dropped the content into the new position. Some shared hosts aggressively time out and limit AJAX requests. Version 2.0 batches these requests so you can try reducing the number of items it updates on each request using a filter in your theme’s functions.php or a custom plug-in:

add_filter( 'simple_page_ordering_limit', function($number) { return 5; } );

Where 5 is the number of items to batch on each request (the default is 50). Note that this example uses PHP 5.3+ callback functions, so if you’re still on PHP 5.2, you’ll need to add a traditional callback.

What happened to the drop down box that let me change the number of items on each page in the admin?

This feature is already built into WordPress natively, but a bit tucked away. If you pull down the ”Screen Options” tab up top (on the list of post objects) there’s a field where you can specify the number of items to show per page. I decided it was not a very good practice to duplicate this.

Hur kan jag ändra sorterbara inläggstyper?

Inläggstyper kan inkluderas eller exkluderas genom att använda filtret simple_page_ordering_is_sortable.

For example, to exclude the excluded_post_type custom post type, add the following snippet in the theme function file or custom plugin:

add_filter( 'simple_page_ordering_is_sortable', function( $sortable, $post_type ) {
    if ( 'excluded_post_type' === $post_type ) {
        return false;
    return $sortable;
}, 10, 2 );

För att inkludera inläggstypen include_post_type, lägg till följande kodsnutt i temats functions.php-fil eller i ett anpassat tillägg:

add_filter( 'simple_page_ordering_is_sortable', function( $sortable, $post_type ) {
    if ( 'include_post_type' === $post_type ) {
        return true;
    return $sortable;
}, 10, 2 );

Kan jag använda REST för att sortera inlägg?

Ja. Tillägget registrerar REST-ändpunkten simple-page-ordering/v1/page_ordering.


24 april 2022 1 svar
This plugin doesn't reinvent the wheel. It uses the existing Pages page in wp-admin. I was previously using the Swifty Page Manager plugin which annoyingly stalls to refresh every time a page is dragged and dropped. The Simple Page Ordering plugin overcomes this annoyance. Not only can this plugin reorder pages, it allows pages to be hierarchically dragged and dropped in or out of parent pages. This functionality should already be part of WordPress core. A plugin shouldn't be required. Credit to the plugin authors for perfecting WordPress page ordering and for so seamlessly integrating it with wp-admin.
20 september 2021 1 svar
Have a site with 100+ pages, needed a way to visually set the menu_order attribute without having to setting them individually. I also didn't want to rely on another plugin's system to maintain the order. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you
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2.4.4 – 2023-01-10

2.4.3 – 2022-11-08

  • Changed: Allow hierarchical post types that don’t have page-attributes set to be sorted properly (props @dkotter, @peterwilsoncc via #108.
  • Security: Bump got from 10.7.0 to 11.8.5 (props @dependabot via #106.
  • Security: Bump @wordpress/env from 4.9.0 to 5.3.0 (props @dependabot via #106.
  • Security: Bump scss-tokenizer from 0.3.0 to 0.4.3 (props @dependabot via #107.
  • Security: Bump node-sass from 7.0.1 to 7.0.3 (props @dependabot via #107.

2.4.2 – 2022-09-28

2.4.1 – 2022-06-21

2.4.0 – 2022-04-28

2.3.4 – 2020-04-07

  • Changed: Avoid failed reordering introduced in v2.3.3 when handling a large number of non-hierarchical items (props @dinhtungdu).
  • Changed: Bump WordPress version support to 5.4 (props @tmoorewp).
  • Fixed: Ensure titles of reordered items appear in a human-readable way (props @dinhtungdu).

2.3.3 – 2020-03-04

2.3.2 – 2018-05-08

  • Added: Allow cancellation of drag operation by pressing escape key.
  • Fixed: Allow form input elements added to a row by plugins to be interacted with.

2.3.1 – 2018-04-13

  • Fixed: Prevent rows with hidden columns from jumping around while dragging.

2.3.0 – 2018-03-05

  • Added: Use WordPress core’s spinner class.
  • Added: Grunt-based build process with Sass.
  • Changed: Use WP_Query instead of get_posts() for better performance.
  • Changed: Remove bundled translations in favor of language packs.
  • Fixed: Avoid exceeding PHP’s max input variables, which could cause incorrectly assigned page order.
  • Fixed: Malformed URL that would take you to posts instead of pages.
  • Fixed: PHPDoc and coding standards to align with 10up’s Engineering Best Practices.

2.2.4 – 2015-02-08

  • Fixed: Redundant URL encoding when sorting in admin page list.

2.2.3 – 2014-09-27

  • Fixed: Ordering in WordPress 4.0 following core changes to ORDER BY in WP_Query.

2.2.2 – 2014-08-19

  • Added: German localization (props @glueckpress).
  • Fixed: Column widths no longer change when dragging a row (partial props @griffinjt).
  • Security: Closed obscure XSS vulnerability related to Sort by Order link (props @simon-waters).

2.2.1 – 2014-05-31

  • Added: Brazilian translation (props @felds).
  • Fixed: Bring back translations / text domain (yikes!).

2.2.0 – 2014-04-06

  • Changed: Look and feel to better match WordPress 3.8 admin redesign.
  • Changed: Improved awareness of and compatibility with Quick Edit (inline editor).
  • Fixed: Prevent collisions with themes and plugins bundling Simple Page Ordering.

2.1.2 – 2013-05-30

  • Fixed: Hierarchical custom post types without page-attributes was still broken – doh!
  • Fixed: Extreme edge case where post columns did not include the post title now supported.

2.1.1 – 2013-05-27

  • Fixed: custom post types with page-attributes or hierarchical properties, but not both, breaking ordering.

2.1.0 – 2013-05-19

  • Added: Awareness of custom user capabilities for post types, in addition to a filter (simple_page_ordering_edit_rights) for overriding reordering rights (previously used edit_others_pages globally).
  • Added: Awareness of custom post statuses (so they are not skipped during backend ordering operation).
  • Changed: UI refinements: Better ”spinner” positioning (and HiDPI), translucent row when moving, improved appearance of ”drop” placeholder, wait till row dragged by at least 5px to start sorting.
  • Changed: Major JavaScript refactoring and simplification (combined with new stylesheet) for better performance.

2.0.0 – 2012-11-12

  • Added: Drag pages into any part of the page hierarchy! No longer limited to same branch of tree!
  • Added: Big performance improvements under the hood: leaner queries, batched requests, less processing.
  • Added: New filters and hooks to extend / override default functionality.
  • Changed: Scales much more reliably in situations with very high page counts due to batching of requests.
  • Changed: Order of the first page is now set to ”1” instead of ”0”, so pages added after ordering are added at the top (instead of second).
  • Changed: Removed ”number of pages” drop down, which is repetitive of a field accessible under Screen Options.
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with newer versions of WordPress.

1.0.0 – 2011-07-04

  • Added: Support for ordering non-hierarchical post types that have ”page-attributes” support.
  • Added: New filter link for ”Sort by Order” to restore (hierarchical) or set (non-hierarchical, page attributes support) post list sort to menu order.
  • Changed: Users are now forced to wait for current sort operation to finish before they can sort another item.
  • Changed: Smarter about ”not sortable” view states.
  • Changed: Localization ready! Rough Spanish translation included.
  • Changed: Assorted other performance and code improvements.
  • Fixed: Unexpected page ordering results when pages have not been explictly ordered yet (sorts by menu_order, then title, not just menu_order).
  • Fixed: ”Per page” drop down filter selection not saving between page loads (was broken in 3.1).
  • Fixed: Items are always ordered with positive integers (potential negative sort orders had some performance benefits in last version, but sometimes caused issues).

0.9.6 – 2011-04-04

  • Fixed: for broken inline editing (quick edit) fields in Firefox.

0.9.5 – 2011-03-27

  • Changed: Smarter awareness of ”sorted” modes in WordPress 3.1 (can only use when sorted by menu order).
  • Changed: Smarter awareness of ”quick edit” mode (can’t drag).
  • Changed: Generally simplified / better organized code.

0.9.0 – 2010-12-29

  • Added: Further directions in the plug-in description (some users were confused about how to use it).
  • Added: Basic compatibility with 3.1 RC (prevent clashes with post list sorting).
  • Changed: ”Move” cursor only set if JavaScript enabled.
  • Fixed: Page count display always showing ”0” on non-hierarchical post types (Showing 1-X of X).
  • Fixed: Hidden menu order not updating after sort (causing Quick Edit to reset order when used right after sorting).

0.8.4 – 2010-08-24

  • Changed: Loosened constraints on drag and drop to ease dropping into top and bottom position.
  • Changed: Improved some terminology (with custom post types in mind).
  • Fixed: Row background staying ”white” after dropping into a new position.
  • Fixed: Double border on the bottom of the row while dragging.

0.8.2 – 2010-08-21

  • Changed: Simplified code – consolidated hooks.
  • Changed: Updated version requirements.