The Paste


Speed up your workflow by pasting files and image data directly into the WordPress media library.

You can copy files and image data from many desktop applications:

  • macOS Finder
  • Windows Filesystem
  • Screenshots
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Gimp
  • LibreOffice
  • GoogleDocs
  • And some more…

… and paste it to Classic Editor or directly to the media library.

The most recent Desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are supported.

The paste at GitHub

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  • Pasting into classic editor. You can either upload the image immediately or do so later.
  • The media library is pastable too
  • Pasted multiple images from macOS Photos into Chrome
  • A layer pasted from Adobe Photoshop 2023


Follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedere.


3 september 2023
Its much fater and convinient to just copy/paste the image than save/download and then upload and insert. Thanks for this plugin. Works good.
23 februari 2023
Perfect! Usefull! Super gut! Danke Mann!
23 december 2022
Un complemento demasiado práctico para ser realidad 😉 Hasta ahora, el único en su tipo, no he visto otro que haga algo tan simple como copiar una imagen al porta-papeles, para luego pegarlo en la biblioteca de medios. Maravilloso!
24 mars 2022
I regularly copy & paste images between programs on my computer, most of the time it's Chrome to Photoshop. I'm glad I found this plugin to assist me, instead of having to save images to my PC every time I want to upload. One tiny bug that isn't too big of a problem: I sometimes can't click between "Media Library" and "Copy & Paste". I have to go from "Media Library" to "Upload Files", THEN click "Copy & Paste". Otherwise the menu doesn't change. No big deal!
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  • Remove debugging artefact


  • UI Tweak (instruction placement)
  • Fix: Classic editor plugin crashing
  • Fix: sometimes not pasting in Firefox
  • Fix: Dialog overlays media frame in Block Editor


  • Paste from Google Docs (Docs and Presentation)
  • More Filename placeholders
  • Fix PHP Fatal if network activated on a multisite


  • Fix: Filename placeholders


  • Paste files and images in the media Library
  • Paste multiple files (except firefox)
  • Convert to WebP (except Safari)
  • Disable dataURI pasting in user profile (now default)
  • Performance: Check upload capability before scripts are loaded


  • Fix: Fatal error in user profile
  • Fix: Compatibility with the SEO Framework


  • Feature: Make pasting into tinyMCE optional. (Fixes unpredictable cursor position during file drop)
  • Fix: php 8.2 deprecation warnings


  • Fix: PHP 8 warning
  • Fix: Add data: to wp_kses allowed protocols
  • TinyMCE: Users without file upload capability could not paste images as data-url.
  • TinyMCE: Don’t show upload buttons if user are not allowed to upload files


  • Fix auto upload large images


  • Prevent Editor Crashes: Only embed images up to 262144 px, upload otherwise


  • Support Text Widget
  • Better Media Titles


  • Fix JS Error in TextWidget


  • Performance improvements
  • Add Textdomain to plugin header
  • Remove unnecessary settings


  • Update plugin URL
  • Fix double pasting


  • Initial release