Translation Stats


The plugin adds a ”Translation Stats” column to the plugin list screen in WordPress admin.

The translation stats are shown only for plugins that exist in and are prepared for localization.

If a plugin doesn’t have complete translation stats, you’ll see a notice with one of the reasons below:

  • Tillägget hittades inte på
  • Översättningsprojekt hittades inte på
  • The plugin is not properly prepared for localization

The color scheme of the translation stats bars is exactly same used in GlotPress for consistency with the translation experience in

This plugin is properly prepared for localization.


  • Translation Stats shown in WordPress plugins page
  • Translation Stats installed plugins list
  • Translation Stats settings tab
  • Translation Stats tools tab

Vanliga frågor

What are the plugin subprojects?

  • Development – Translation of the Development version of the plugin
  • Development Readme – Readme of the Development version of the plugin page on
  • Stable – Translation of the Stable version of the plugin
  • Stable Readme – Readme of the Stable version of the plugin page on

Hur kan jag översätta ett tillägg?

Should I translate both Stable and Development?

Since mid-April 2016, not only new strings but also edits are synced between dev and stable (both ways, only approved translations). When a plugin releases a new version all translations are copied from dev to stable. Read more…

How long does it take for a translation to become available?

Translations for the readme are published almost immediately.
The language pack for a plugin will be generated when 90% of the Stable (latest release) sub-project strings have been translated and approved.

Kan jag hjälpa till att översätta detta tillägg till mitt eget språk?

Yes you can! If you want to translate this plugin to your language, please click here.

Kan jag bidra till detta tillägg?

Sure! You are welcome to report any issues or add feature suggestions on the GitHub repository.


17 september 2020 1 svar
It’s excellent. I was looking for a way to add translation stats, and this plugin works like a charm. Nice work!
20 maj 2019 1 svar
I got to know this tool in WordCamp Lisbon contributor day and I must say it’s very useful. Not only as a contributor but also as a plugin developer. Good job!
18 mars 2019 1 svar
Este plug-in me é muito útil porque eu trabalho com traduções para o WordPress e o plug-in me ajuda a perceber o que está defasado em nosso idioma. Além disso, é simples e prático. Bom trabalho, Pedro! This plugin is very useful to me in my work on WordPress translations. It helps me to visualize what is incomplete or outdated in my language. Moreover, it is simple and easy to use. Good job, Pedro!
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  • Add PHP Unit Tests.
  • Deprecate TRANSLATION_STATS_DEBUG constant.


  • Tested up to WP 6.6
  • Always show notices for plugins not prepared for localization.


  • New checkboxes in the subprojects column to bulk-select a specific subproject in all plugins.
  • Improve the indeterminate [-] behavior of table checkboxes.
  • Cleanup the Debug section and fix the PHP error when there are no settings saved yet.


  • Fix deprecation notice on PHP 8.2+
  • Show current/all counts on subproject statistics. Props @Irinashl


  • Fix typos in comments. Props @szepeviktor
  • Show stats admin notices only on WP_DEBUG. Props @Irinashl


  • Testad upp till WP 6.5
  • Fix incorrect position of placeholders in comments to translators. Props @presskopp


  • Custom icon for queued update notice


  • Queue Translation Stats updates in sequence to avoid many Ajax requests in parallel


  • Fix wrong count on plugins filter by only counting plugins enabled on Translation Stats settings that are actually installed


  • Testad upp till WP 6.1
  • Tested only on supported PHP versions (7.4+)
  • More detailed console log for updating plugin translation stats
  • Only show language pack information if percent translated is below minimum threshold


  • Testad upp till WP 5.9
  • Fix PHP error on new installs before saving settings
  • Fix delete plugin data on uninstall
  • Använd minifierad CSS


  • Stats widget color and border improvements
  • Stats widget notices improved with the information about translation projects issues
  • Code refactoring of settings sections and fields for easy management and extension
  • Code refactoring of the Stats widget bars and notices
  • Admin notices custom wrap support
  • Fix code prefixes
  • Fix return error on disabled subproject stats bar
  • Fix CSS issues
  • Debug mode improvements
  • Linting and compiling improved


  • GitHub release process optimization
  • Assets folders optimization
  • Mindre kodförbättringar


  • Remove unnecessary development files


  • Testad upp till WP 5.8
  • Remove deprecated dark-mode compatibility


  • Testad upp till WP 5.7
  • Mindre kodförbättringar
  • Update plugin constants prefixes


  • Testad upp till WP 5.6
  • Mindre kodförbättringar


  • Include Locales list since Languages API was disabled on meta changeset #10056
  • Remove recent feature to Update WordPress Translation, feature moved to the new spin-off plugin Translation Tools, created specifically to deal with translations updates, with many related features out of the scope of this plugin
  • Testad upp till WP 5.5
  • Kodoptimering


  • Add WPLANG and available languages to the settings languages dropdown


  • Fix admin notices
  • Mindre kodförbättringar


  • Add footer custom message
  • Fix utm parameters


  • New sort and filter in the settings plugins table
  • Fix timeout error on get languages list from API


  • Fix custom column title icon and screen reader text


  • Version 1.0! 🎉
  • New settings database structure and version
  • New settings database updater
  • New activation class
  • Optimized plugins settings table
  • Fix notices not showing when ”Warnings” settings was disabled
  • Mindre kodförbättringar


  • New plugins View to show only Translation Stats enabled plugins
  • New link to filtered plugins list in settings page
  • New link to settings page in plugins page
  • Fix translation stats not showing when ”Warnings” settings was disabled
  • Mindre kodförbättringar
  • Testad upp till WP 5.4


  • Fix settings checkboxes tristate bug
  • Remove filter ’tstats_enable_debug’
  • Fix WP core update translation notice on Beta install
  • Refactoring with PHPStan (Level 6)


  • Add tristate to parent checkboxes with enabled and disabled children
  • Mindre kodförbättringar

  • Fix JavaScript bug

  • Kodoptimering

  • Fix admin notices
  • Fix CSS issues


  • Add Slug and Text Domain check to plugins settings table
  • Add class autoloader
  • Add PHPStan check

  • Fix i18n issue (Thanks @szepeviktor)
  • Mindre kodförbättringar
  • Kaffe ☕

  • Mindre kodförbättringar
  • Testad upp till WP 5.3.2

  • Mindre kodförbättringar

  • Mindre kodförbättringar
  • Add admin notice to dashboard

  • Mindre kodförbättringar


  • Now you can update your WordPress translation when you want
  • No more waiting for language packs or your locale to be 100% complete
  • One click to update all WordPress core translation files ( .po, .mo and all .json )
  • Testad upp till WP 5.3

  • Testad upp till WP 5.2.4
  • Add PHP compatibility check

  • Testad upp till WP 5.2.3
  • Kodoptimering
  • UI improvement

  • Bump PHP minimum required version
  • Kodoptimering


  • New AJAX loading and updating features
  • Improved plugins screen loading speed
  • New button to quick update a single plugin stats
  • Testad upp till WP 5.2.2
  • Kodoptimering


  • Testad upp till WP 5.2.1
  • Kodoptimering


  • Support for custom Locale Subdomains


  • Support for current GlotPress 2.x variants
  • Fix typo


  • Testad upp till WP 5.1.1
  • Fix typo
  • Stöder nya språkversioner
  • Support for all locales in through WordPress API


  • Testad upp till WP 5.1
  • Fix CSS issues
  • Fix WordPress Coding Standards errors


  • Fix CSS issues


  • Fix uninstall function


  • Åtgärdat författarlänkar


  • Add Author column to plugins list – feature suggestion from Webdados
  • Lagt till till länkar till tillägg och författare
  • Fix WordPress Coding Standards errors


  • Add Translation Stats settings page
  • Add installed plugins table to select only the plugins you want to manage translation stats to reduce http requests
  • Lagt till till alternativ om du vill aktivera eller inaktivera varningar för översättningsprojekt
  • Add options to reset settings and clean cache to force update the translation stats
  • Add option to specify the translation language you want
  • Add option to choose to keep or delete plugin data on uninstall
  • Add uninstall file



  • Add WordPress core notices styles to error messages
  • Add assets
  • Mindre kodförbättringar
  • Readme update


  • Initial release.