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WooCommerce Retargeting


Retargeting is an eCommerce marketing automation and personalisation platform. This add-on tracks every action that your visitors are doing on your website in order to provide personalised messages aimed towards closing more orders, faster.

Being one of the first companies in Eastern Europe to be both Facebook Marketing Partner & Google Premier Partner, offers a vast array of automated and fully personalised services from Google, Facebook, Instagram ads to personalised emails, pop-ups and onsite product recommendations, with significantly increased performance and at a lower cost.

Retargeting includes 3 main products that are automatically triggered based on a set of predetermined rules. Products:

Dynamic Ads – Everything you need to launch effective Google, Facebook and Instagram ads that make people buy your products. No marketing training required! With automatic product catalogue creation and update, image resizing, animated ads, Bounce & Buyers exclusion & real-time optimisation, the Dynamic Ads have up to 54% better performance compared to ads created and optimised manually.

Learn more about Dynamic Ads HERE.

Campaigns – Optimise your conversion rate and create a sense of urgency that makes customers act now with behavioural campaigns. With over 15 scenarios and access to a variety of marketing channels such as personalised emails, behavioural pop-ups, push notifications and SMS campaigns, the Retargeting Campaigns give you everything you need to run professional marketing campaigns and increase your online store’s conversion rate!

Learn more about Campaigns HERE.

Recommendation Engine – Personalise your online shop for each customer. Our Artificial Intelligence displays customers the content they are interested in. With over 12 placements including Homepage banners, Homepage, Thank you Page, Product page and many more, your clients will get the products they want and you make more money.

Learn more about Recommendation Engine HERE.

Each type of message can be customised 100% by you, to better suit every need that you might have. The setup process is very easy, needing only to setup the rules and message templates once, while the rest will be done automatically by Retargeting.

Multitesting and Analytics

If you are passionate about A/B testing, Retargeting offers a comprehensive multitesting feature, where you can test any number of message versions that you want. You can make and test multiple message modifications at the same time, in order to determine a winning version based on live results. You can then choose the winning version either manually or you can let the platform make the choice based on the results.
Retargeting has also an integrated dashboard that gives you access to key metrics related to your retargeting campaigns. You can easily track the performance of your campaigns and compare the results with your website traffic, from one unified dashboard.


Retargeting was launched in 2013, is currently used by 3000+ stores worldwide and has already achieved some incredible results:
– Sent almost 9 million email messages
– Sent almost 48 million live messages
– Obtained a medium conversion rate of 23.14%
– Generated more than 16 million $ for Retargeting clients


Retargeting offers various monthly subscription packages that vary in value based on the products the user chooses and the monthly session of the online store.
Package tiers are as follows (depending on the monthly sessions of the online store as measured by Retargeting):

  • Start-up: 0 – 15K visits/month – 53 EUR/Month
  • Growing Business: +15K – 70K visits/month – 260 EUR/Month
  • Rising Star: +70K – 200K visits/month – 620 EUR/Month
  • Rockstar: +200K – 400K visits/month – 1520 EUR/Month
  • Unicorn: +400K visits/month – Contact us

Retargeting also offers a 14 days free trial so you can test the app for yourself.


  • Retargeting Dashboard
  • Live Triggers
  • Multitesting
  • Email & SMS Triggers


  1. Upload the entire ’woocommerce-retargeting’ folder to the ’/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress

If you are NOT using WooCommerce 3.0+ please e-mail us at ( and we will help you set up the installation.

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