WordPress Hosting Benchmark tool


This plugin will help you to test your hosting server. By running unified tests, you can see and compare different servers or hosting platforms. It does not require any special additional software or tools, as all tests are executed from within PHP – we simply measure time, that each test take.

All tests are grouped and target different aspects or components – CPU, memory, filesystem, database performance, wordpress object cache, network speed.

From version 1.2 (released on 27.april.2022) reverse connectivity tests are performed – we will connect to you wordpress and measure connection time. Such tests are performed during running local bechmarks and a short time after, so you can analyze, how big impact single heavy task may have on page load time.


  • Bechmark results inside Wordpress interface
  • Detailed benchmark results
  • Backward connectivity test results and timings


Please use default WordPress plugin installation method through WordPress plugin repository.

Vanliga frågor

Q: What is being tested?
A: CPU, memory bandwidth, disk speed, persistent object cache, network download speed.

Q: What should be our considerations, before using this plugin?
A: Plugin will generate large temporary files and run a lot SQL queries. You should make sure, your hosting has at least 500MB of free disk space and that your database server allows large number of queries. All temporary files and database tables will be deleted after benchmark is complete.


3 oktober 2023
An excellent plugin for understanding the speed problems of your website and seeing what could be down to you (site too heavy) or your web host (configuration not as optimised as promised). Many thanks to the developer!
6 augusti 2023
Thanks to this plugin, I made the final decision to move sites to much faster servers. Everyone writes that they have NVMe disks on their hosting but the disk is not equal to the disk. The "Small file IO test" showed very large differences between hostings (from 38 MB/s to 1332 MB/s). The link speed test was also between 300 mbit/s and 1067 mbit/s. Your site is also a valuable source of knowledge 🙂 Greetings from Poland 😉
2 maj 2023
this tool is amazing! Any idea how can i improve the score on my personal Dell R710 , 40GB RAM DDR3, 512 SATA SSD SAMSUNG, Dual xeon x5650? i get only 700 points. I use the server for my office, to build WP sites On a cheap shared hosting from godaddy i get 1200 points. What can be the cause? Thanks!
19 mars 2023
This is the easiest, the best, and the most accurate Benchmarking tool for testing the Server all from inside of the WordPress interface! Results are easy to understand. And the test itself is most inaccurate and not some approximates. If you really want to see what is going on when the test is running, all you have to do is - open the server console and check the server task manager(eg., htop) - you will literally know what is going on! The fact is - it is doing the real test. Thanks for making this plugin and I hope this plugin is updated when necessary. I don't anymore use other tests to see how a server performs. After using this plugin, I exactly know who is providing good VPS and who is not. Earlier, it was all guesswork mostly or rely on some benchmarking tools that were not exactly doing the job right - they were not total server performance benchmarking tools. "WordPress Hosting Benchmark tool" has done a great job. Small Request: This is not important but a tiny wish - it will be great to see the timer running from the moment the test start running until it finishes. I realized that the time taken to finish the test is also very important and is adding up to the server's overall performance! Anyways for now i am using my mobile phone's Stopwatch while running a test. Note: I used WordPress for the past 18+ years, but was always a bit hesitant to create an account and then post a review, but this plugin made me feel like I must start posting reviews from now on or never do it ever! Thanks for the great plugin! God bless.
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1.3.3 – improved object cache benchmark tests.

1.3.2 – fixed multisite support.

1.3.1 – minor fix for posted data evaluation, that was accidently messing with media uploads.

1.3 – privacy. Now you can opt to not have stats displayed through your results code page or expire these results after certain time. And a few minor visual changes have also been added.

1.2 – added WordPress load timing tests. We will try to access your site several times while benchmark test are running and a momement after. For now all tests are executed from server located in Germany. You can see these results, when you click Read More link.

1.1.4 – fixed in object cache testing.

1.1.3 – small internal link fix.

1.1.2 – added option to skip persistent object cache.

1.1.0 – added persisten object cache testing, tuned MySQL and CPU benchmarks.

1.0.1 – disk benchmark fix, added workaround to skip failed tests.

0.9.3 – small adjustements on filesystem tests

0.9 – reviewed testing policy, several tests have been made lighter, so those can now be run at servers with restrictions.

0.8 – removed force selection of MyISAM for database tests. Now the default database engine will be used.

0.7 – added option to run each test just once, instead of 5 times. + minor fixes

0.6 – minor fix and WordPress version compatability update

0.5 – added history of executed benchmarks

0.4 – minor polishing and WP version compatability check

0.3 – completely rewritten filesystem benchmark tests.

0.23 – small fix in filesystem benchmark tests.

0.22 – small fixes for really low resource servers.

0.21 – added new test – filesystem benchmark writing many small files, adjusted CPU tests

0.2 – Small changes in test routines

0.1 – Initial version