Performance Lab


The Performance Lab plugin is a collection of modules focused on enhancing performance of your site, most of which should eventually be merged into WordPress core. The plugin allows to individually enable and test the modules to get their benefits before they become available in WordPress core, and to provide feedback to further improve the solutions.

För närvarande inkluderar tillägget följande prestandamoduler:

  • Uppladdning av WebP: Skapar WebP-versioner för nya JPEG-bilduppladdningar om detta stöds av servern.
  • Dominant Color: Adds support to store dominant color for an image and create a placeholder background with that color.
  • Audit Full Page Cache: Adds a check for full page cache in Site Health status.
  • WebP Support: Adds a WebP support check in Site Health status.
  • Audit Autoloaded Options: Adds a check for autoloaded options in Site Health status.
  • Audit Enqueued Assets: Adds a CSS and JS resource check in Site Health status.
  • Persistent Object Cache Health Check: Adds a persistent object cache check for sites with non-trivial amounts of data in Site Health status.


Installation inifrån WordPress

  1. Besök Tillägg > Lägg till nytt.
  2. Sök efter Performance Lab.
  3. Installera och aktivera tillägget ”Performance Lab”.

Manuell installation

  1. Ladda upp hela mappen performance-lab till katalogen /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Besök Tillägg
  3. Aktivera tillägget Performance Lab.

Efter aktivering

  1. Besök den nya menyn Inställningar > Prestanda.
  2. Aktivera de individuella moduler du vill använda.

Vanliga frågor

Vad är syftet med detta tillägg?

The primary purpose of the Performance Lab plugin is to allow testing of various performance modules for which the goal is to eventually land in WordPress core. It is essentially a collection of ”feature plugins”, which makes it different from other performance plugins that offer performance features which are not targeted at WordPress core and potentially rely on functionality that would not be feasible to use in WordPress core. The list of available modules will regularly change: Existing modules may be removed after they have been released in WordPress core, while new modules may be added in any release.

Går det att använda detta tillägg på min webbplats som är i produktion?

Per the primary purpose of the plugin (see above), it can mostly be considered a beta testing plugin for the various performance modules it includes. However, unless a module is explicitly marked as ”experimental”, it has been tested and established to a degree where it should be okay to use in production. Still, as with every plugin, you are doing so at your own risk.

Var kan jag skicka in min återkoppling om tillägget?

Especially since this is a collection of WordPress core feature plugins, providing feedback is encouraged and much appreciated! You can submit your feedback either in the plugin support forum or, if you have a specific issue to report, in its GitHub repository.

Hur kan jag bidra till tillägget?

Bidrag är välkomna! Det finns flera sätt att bidra:


22 juni 2022
Loving all the features so far. Dominant color is a game change for my site. Keep pushing. This is what is going to keep WordPress dominating.
7 juni 2022
i appreciate that you are finally going to add webp support after 10 years to wordpress core, but why not add "avif" too since its so much better and supported by more browsers?
19 mars 2022
Very good initiative and idea It lacks some features and precisions but the plugin will evolve over time according to the authors.
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  • Images: Add Dominant Color module to provide color background for loading images. (282)
  • Site Health: Add Site Health check for Full Page Cache usage. (263)


  • Images: Update webp_uploads_pre_generate_additional_image_source filter to allow returning file size. (334)
  • Infrastructure: Introduce plugin uninstaller routine. (345)
  • Infrastructure: Use wp_filesize instead of filesize if available. (376)

Åtgärdade problem

  • Images: Avoid overwriting existing WebP files when creating WebP images. (359)
  • Images: Back up edited full image sources when restoring the original image. (314)



  • Infrastructure: Add Performance Lab generator meta tag to wp_head output. (322)


  • Images: Introduce filter webp_uploads_pre_generate_additional_image_source to short-circuit generating additional image sources on upload. (318)
  • Images: Introduce filter webp_uploads_pre_replace_additional_image_source to short-circuit replacing additional image sources in frontend content. (319)
  • Images: Refine logic to select smaller image file in the frontend based on webp_uploads_prefer_smaller_image_file filter. (302)
  • Images: Replace the featured image with WebP version when available. (316)
  • Site Health: Update Site Health Autoloaded options documentation link. (313)
  • Infrastructure: Avoid unnecessarily early escape of Site Health check labels. (332)

Åtgärdade problem

  • Object Cache: Correct label for persistent object cache Site Health check. (329)
  • Images: Only update the specified target images when an image is edited. (301)



  • Images: Generate secondary image MIME types when editing original image. (235)


  • Images: Introduce webp_uploads_prefer_smaller_image_file filter allowing to opt in to preferring the smaller image file. (287)
  • Images: Select MIME type to use in frontend content based on file size. (243)
  • Site Health: Update Site Health reports copy for more clarity and consistency. (272)


  • Infrastructure: Define the plugin’s version support and backward compatibility policy. (240)



  • Images: Change expected order of items in the webp_uploads_content_image_mimes filter. (250)
  • Images: Replace images in frontend content without using an additional regular expression. (262)
  • Images: Restore and backup image sizes alongside the sources properties. (242)

Åtgärdade problem

  • Images: Select image editor based on WebP support instead of always using the default one. (259)


Åtgärdade problem

  • Infrastructure: Ensure default modules are loaded regardless of setting registration. (248)



  • Images: Create additional MIME types for the full size image. (194)
  • Site Health: Add module to warn about excessive amount of autoloaded options. (124)


  • Images: Adds sources information to the attachment media details of the REST response. (224)
  • Images: Allow developers to select which image format to use for images in the content. (230)
  • Images: Allow developers to tweak which image formats to generate on upload. (227)
  • Images: Replace the full size image in the_content with additional MIME type if available. (195)
  • Object Cache: Include memcached extension in checks for object cache support. (206)
  • Infrastructure: Add plugin banner and icon assets. (231)
  • Infrastructure: Use .gitattributes instead of .distignore to better support ZIP creation. (223)

Åtgärdade problem

  • Images: Use original image to generate all additional image format sub-sizes. (207)
  • Infrastructure: Replace unreliable activation hook with default value for enabled modules. (222)


  • Infrastructure: Update release instructions to include proper branching strategy and protect release branches. (221)



  • Images: Add WebP for uploads module. (32)
  • Images: Support retry mechanism for generating sub-sizes in additional MIME types on constrained environments. (188)
  • Images: Update the_content with the appropiate image format. (152)
  • Site Health: Add WebP support in site health. (141)
  • Site Health: Add module to alert about excessive JS and CSS assets. (54)
  • Object Cache: Add Site Health check module for persistent object cache. (111)
  • Infrastructure: Add settings screen to toggle modules. (30)
  • Infrastructure: Added admin pointer. (199)


  • Object Cache: Always recommend object cache on multisite. (200)
  • Images: Create image sub-sizes in additional MIME types using sources for storage. (147)
  • Images: Update module directories to be within their focus directory. (58)
  • Site Health: Enhance detection of enqueued frontend assets. (136)
  • Infrastructure: Add link to Settings screen to the plugin’s entry in plugins list table. (197)
  • Infrastructure: Enable all non-experimental modules on plugin activation. (191)
  • Infrastructure: Include generated module-i18n.php file in repository. (196)
  • Infrastructure: Introduce perflab_active_modules filter to control which modules are active. (87)
  • Infrastructure: Remove unnecessary question marks from checkbox labels. (110)
  • Infrastructure: Rename object-caching to object-cache. (108)

Åtgärdade problem

  • Images: Ensure the -scaled image remains in the original uploaded format. (143)
  • Images: Fix typo to access to the correct image properties. (203)
  • Infrastructure: Ensure that module header fields can be translated. (60)


  • Site Health: Mark Site Health Audit Enqueued Assets module as experimental for now. (205)
  • Infrastructure: Add readme.txt and related update script. (72)
  • Infrastruktur: Lägg till skript som genererar ändringslogg. (51)
  • Infrastruktur: Lägg till dokumentation om att bidra. (47)
  • Infrastruktur: Lägg till dokumentation om utgivning. (138)
  • Infrastructure: Define module specification in documentation. (26)