Message to @htmlpie Hi, If…

Message to @htmlpie

If we look at (rejected strings submitted by you, sorted in source segment order), then we can see that you have submitted exactly the same incorrect translations several times.
The Swedish team of translation editors is small, its core consists of only three volunteers. It’s not fair that you time after time create hours of work for them by just uploading the same translation (of unclear origin) over and over. Some of your translations even seem to be machine translations.

Despite being a small team, we try to maintain a good quality level of the Swedish translations, adhering to our style guide in
If you want a Swedish translation of your theme, then it would be good if you could find someone with a good knowledge of Swedish to maintain it. With current quality level, however, you’re not even getting close to 95% approved translations (which is the threshold for automatic generation of a language pack).

If you want to discuss this, feel free to get in direct contact with me via Slack (you can register via )

We’ve got a Swedish Slack team, too. If you happen to know Swedish, then you can follow the instructions in the welcome notes to self-register there, too.