Message for @motopress Hi. We…

Message for @motopress

Hi. We (the Swedish translation team) have just rejected a lot of strings from you in

Some of the strings are correctly translated, but there are several problems with the translation, especially with regards to terminology. If you’ve translated this yourself (i.e. if you actually know Swedish) then it would be great if you could join the Swedish Slack team via the self-invite link above in the welcome-note.

In other case, if whoever gave you this translation would be interested in fixing the translation, then it would be great if they could register an account with and submit the translation from their own account, and then join the Swedish Slack and the channel translations, where we’ll be more than happy to give feedback on things to improve. Then I’m sure that they very quickly would get up to speed and get assigned the PTE role (project translation editor).
But it would take too many volunteer hours for the tiny Swedish team of general translation editors to fix all issues.

Message for @peepso Hi, I’ve…

Message for @peepso
I’ve just rejected 293 strings that were pending from you in (I.e. the translation to Swedish).

Some of the strings I rejected (especially names of some countries) were correct, but it would take too much effort for the GTE’s (General Translation Editors) of Swedish to manually filter out those 15-20% of the strings that just happen to be correct.

Please: Never submit unchecked machine translations into, ever.

You can read more about my personal views on these things in